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Top 15 Books to Read for Business Success| Effective Ecommerce Podcast #39

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The Lean Start up

How to win friends and influence people

David and Goliath

Don’t Make me Think

Think and Grow Rich

E-Myth Revisited

Primal Branding

Building a Story Brand

Lead with a story

Jab Jab Jab RIght Hook

Trust Me I’m Lying

Good to Great


Steven Jobs

Elon Musk

Sam Walton

Andrew Carnagie


Four Hour Work Week

The Lean Start up
is exactly what I do with performance nut butter it’s coming up with a product doing one SKU just doing it as simply as possible now I could have even done a more minimally Viable Product that’s MVP you’ll hear people talk a lot about this the navy product is like the minimal thing that would work as a product so for performance nut butter I could have just done it as a jar I could have manufactured it myself sold

How to win friends and influence people
I read and there’s so many things it’s one of those books that every few years or every year or two actually I go back to and I revisit some of the principles and a lot of them are almost common sense but it’s things that you probably forget in your day to day life so one of the examples from the book is you want to think about the other person you want to think about what they want first and this is something I see a lot of people making the mistake of especially a lot of people email me saying hey you should help me because it would help me make more money and they try to get my help and they talk about all the things how it would help them and if I had more money

David and Goliath
what I’d recommend pretty much anything by Malcolm Gladwell all of his books are amazing but for entrepreneurs this one specifically stuck out to me and the reason is it goes through and it talks about the story of David and Goliath

Don’t Make me Think
I can kind of summarize it but it’s worth a read one hundred percent the whole point of a website or any kind of this process but let’s say specifically a website is to sell your product and the best way to do that is to make it so your customer does not have to think make it as easy as possible this is what the GRANDMONT

Think and Grow Rich
is an amazing book it’s one of those first along with how to win friends and influence people it’s one of the first books I read about self-help self-improvement and it’s a brilliant story so Napoleon Hill I almost said Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Hill went around and things like the early 1900’s like 1920s maybe or something like that interviewed the top 500 most successful people

E-Myth Revisited
revisited is all about how to systematize your business I’m gonna keep saying this all these are amazing books this is a really good book about making you think how to make systems in your business that will work for you an example of this is I use a bunch of systems with my virtual assistant I a system so it’s if this happens do a if this other thing happens

Primal Branding
is you really needed to find who your customer is but part of defining who your customer is is defining who it’s not and for performance nut butter my product is for a healthy people that are interested in you know getting healthy fats in their diet etc it is not for people that like candy bars if you eat a candy bar a day or you know okay you want a candy bar like the – your snacks don’t buy my products you are the exact opposite

Story Brand
good the first four or five chapters or first half to two thirds of the book is a must read for every entrepreneur after that it starts being a little less interesting in my opinion alright I still have six more to go we’re getting close to someone

Jab Jab Jab RIght Hook
the whole point of this book is social media how to properly do social media and the point of Jab Jab Jab right hook means jab is like giving content so you want to give good content give good content give good content and then boom right hook