The Witches by Roald Dahl (Book Summary) – Minute Book Report

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This is a quick book summary of The Witches by Roald Dahl. This channel discusses and reviews books, novels, and short stories through drawing…poorly.

Transcript: This is a story about a boy whose parents are killed in an car accident and lives with his grandmother in Norway. The grandmother tells the boy about witches and how to recognize one. However, the boy’s father’s will instructs that the boy should move to England to attend school and so the boy and the grandmother move to England.

As the boy is building a treehouse, a woman with a green snake approaches him. The boy thinks the woman is a witch, but she eventually leaves and the boy is safe.

The boy’s grandmother is planning a vacation with the boy to Norway for the summer, but she gets sick and instead, they choose to go to an English hotel near the ocean.

The boy wanders into a hotel conference room and discovers that there is a witch convention. He overhears the Grand High Witch telling the witches of England to kill all the children in England.

The Grand High Witch instructs the witches to buy candy shops with the intention of feeding the children candy that contains a secret ingredient called Formula 86, a potion that turns children into mice on a delay.

After the Grand High Witch demonstrates the power of Formula 86 on a bratty boy at the hotel, all of the witches cheer.

Just as the witches are about to leave, one of the witches smells the boy and they chase him down. The Grand High Witch gives him an entire bottle of Formula 86 and the boy instantly transforms into a mouse and runs away.

The boy scurries to his grandmother and she is shocked to see his transformation. The boy tells her about the Grand High Witch’s plan and they decide to use the Formula 86 against the witches at dinner.

The boy searches the Grand High Witch’s room while she is away and escapes with a bottle of Formula 86.

Later that evening, the boy sneaks into the kitchen and mixes the bottle of Formula 86 with the soup that will be served to the witches for dinner.

After the witches eat the soup, they begin transforming into mice, causing a big commotion in the hotel.

The boy and grandmother return home, where they discuss what they will do next about the witches in the rest of the world.

The grandmother finds the address of the Witch Headquarters and wants to use Formula 86 to transform all of the witches at the Witch Headquarters into mice.

In the end, the boy and grandmother dedicate their lives to destroying all of the witches in the world.

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