The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) | Book Review

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Joe Johnson says:

Man or woman?

David Columbia says:

have you reviewed silkworm?  If so, can you send me a link. I liked this video

solpahi says:

The ending surprised me a lot actually. 🙂

Dank951 says:

I purchased this book on a whim two days before she was revealed as the author. Loved it! I'm hoping a film adaptation will be following…apparently Warner Bros. is trying to negotiate something that J.K.'s rep team is keeping hush.

tinkerbooks says:

I liked this book a lot, but I wasn't totally sold on the ending. I did enjoy the world and the characters and am looking forward to reading more about Strike and his incredibly competent and efficient Robin. 🙂

you tuber says:

y do u have to hold the book up like a trophy? silly!1

Jaque Blanc says:

Hi do you think another Robert Galbraith book will come out under than name?

Matthew Cahill says:

I disagree about there not being a surprise ending. I found the climax surprising, as I fell for the red herrings. I think most people will be surprised by the twist ending of this book.

Matthew Cahill says:

You pronounce "Rowling" incorrectly.

rincey reads says:

There really isn't a lot of action in this book. There are one or two slightly more exciting scenes, but those are toward the end.

rincey reads says:

Oh I didn't realize it sold the same amount as the first HP. How interesting.

panzerfaulst12345 says:

I am 250 pages in… and still waiting for something to happen.

Ryan Wilkinson says:

Before we found out it was JK Rowling, the book was actually very successful for a first-time author in a niche market (for instance, it sold just as well as the first HP book in the same space of time).

rincey reads says:

Totally understandable, but I will say that the reviews on GR and Amazon before it was revealed [or in the hours right when it was revealed] were all very positive. A lot of people were commenting that it was an extremely strong novel and it was unbelievable that it was a debut title from an author. You can check out the reviews by date, so definitely read the ones before July 13.

lookingforsure says:

i like mystery so i'd probably enjoy this book but won't read it soon. I'll wait to see reviews of the 2nd book. If JK hadn't written it, it wouldn't have been all over GR & i would have never been aware of its existence. I'm sure it's a good book overall but i feel like it is mostly praised because of the author, not the quality of it and i'm not comfortable with that. It's like john green's books. Also it seems a bit predictable, and i like mystery books for suspense, not detailed description.

rincey reads says:

You probably could read this without finishing the Harry Potter series since it doesn't feel related to that at all, but it is a book that could probably wait

rincey reads says:

Glad you enjoyed it!

rincey reads says:

Totally makes sense. When I read the synopsis, I was totally intrigued by it so I had to get it immediately.

rincey reads says:

Oh gosh, thank you, that is really kind of you to say!

rincey reads says:

If you enjoy mystery novels, then definitely give it a go

rincey reads says:

Yeah if you're not a big mystery person, then this won't really be the book for you

Tiffany Tucker says:

I would like to read this one but, I'm in no rush. I should probably finish the Harry Potter series first.

vol43 says:

Really glad you reviewed this! Thanks for the heads-up about whether to go into it looking for a twist.

The Lazy Stitcher says:

I will probably pick this up at some point, but I'm in no rush. There's tons of other books I'm more interested in right now.

Brown Girl Reading says:

I imagine it will be quite a different kind of read.

somethingfierce972 says:

I love your personality. You're very relatable in the way you speak so I always enjoy watching your videos! Also, not meaning to be superficial but you definitely have that natural beauty that French/British actresses have in movies.

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