the CRAZIEST romance books i've read

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Bangtan legends says:

awesome books rec aside I love your makeup in every vid. You look gorgeous in everything 💘

Tazkiya Rahman says:

Pls do a royal romance recs

Prakirti Verma says:

Hey Laura can you please recommend a romance book which doesn’t have a lot of drama in it and is simple and elegant yet so beautiful….

Malak Sayed says:

Birthday girl is an amazing book. Definelty should be put on the "should read before you die" lists. I highly recommend punk 57 also it's by penelope Douglass and its SO GOOD. Its full of angst and romance so give it a shot.

Ashlyn Kirkpatrick says:

I can’t find the Off Balance books anywhere!!

izzychikk22 says:

i just finished truth about heartbreak, the truth about tomorrow and the third one she released which is the truth about us in like a week and let me just say it was C.R.A.Z.Y

Customer Service says:

These are very good.

Aicha Chakhe says:

Did somebody read from Tiffany Reisz : the original sinners series
It's a priest story… There are lot of taboo in it…

Isadora Cortes says:

torn and birthday girl are my two favorites books i have ever read. i have read them multiple times and i fell for them over and over again 😿 i really love the stories

lady sparrow says:

watching this i was waiting for something as weird as "stolen dolls" but i think they were all pretty tame think stolen dolls series has to be the craziest iv ever read (warning these books are beyond crazy)

Ibabynat _ says:

Just finished reading birthday girl, I’m feelin some time of way🥺

Cristina Mora says:

I love your recommendations!!! My favorite taboo book is called Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters. It’s a very dark type of romance book revolving around a kidnapping but it is a great read. I definitely recommend it !! 🙂

belle beast says:

I read torn !!

Diana Andreea says:

You should definitely read the dark duet by CJ Roberts. 🤭🤭

Maram Hachemi says:

i have BIRTHDAY GIRL in my tbr list but i've avoided reading it for some reason.. i guess it's extremely taboo or sth

Vania Ramírez says:

People out there that haven’t read birthday girl by Penelope Douglas. IT IS SO GOD. YOU NEED TO READ IT RIGHT NOW. Thank us latter

Vania Ramírez says:

I love taboo and age gap romance, like, IT’S MY FAVORITE ROMANCE

Rouqaya M says:

The craziest book I read would be the ‘fear me ‘ series. I know it’s not THAT crazy but at some point I was literally gonna give up

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