The Best Spy Books of 2022

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It is that time of year once again when book critics and reviewers are asked what are the best spy books of the year. Spybrary is a ‘by spy fans for spy fans’ production so it is in that spirit that we asked our own Spybrary Podcast listeners and community members to reveal what were their best spy books of 2022 with a twist.

We asked our spy book readers two questions.

What is the best spy book you have read that was published in 2022? What is the best espionage novel you have read this year that was published before 2022? So if you are looking for spy book recommendations, then read on. Warning, Spybrary does not accept any liability for bankruptcies or divorces that may occur as a result of you browsing this list of the best espionage novels! If you are looking to join a community of other spy book fans then do come and join us over at the Spybrary Community.