The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work by John Gottman – Relationship Advice ► Book Summary

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An animated book summary of The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman. Explainer Video by OnePercentBetter.

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0:13 – PRINCIPLE 1:
Enhance Your Love Maps

1:07 – PRINCIPLE 2:
Nurture Your Fondness & Admiration

1:55 – PRINCIPLE 3:
Turn Toward Each Other Instead Of Away

2:28 – PRINCIPLE 4:
Let Your Partner Influence You

3:14 – PRINCIPLE 5:
Solve Your Solvable Problems

5:30 – PRINCIPLE 6:
Overcome Gridlock

6:09 – PRINCIPLE 7:
Create Shared Meaning

John M. Gottman is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington. He has spent his life doing comprehensive studies on what makes a healthy marriage. He offers relationship advice to save your marriage.

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Kim Mendes says:

this is so helpful! thank you 🙂

earthpet says:

So marriage is a job. Or you may face devastating consequences. Or you may put in all that work and STILL face devastating consequences.
I'm out. Good luck, guys.

Ian Patrick says:

Great summary!

Keenan Adcock says:

If you're like me, I like to see everything all at once so here's all 7 principles at the end of the video:

Khalid Ali says:

I think the best takeaway from this in my opinion is asking how people view their past… In this world the people we sorround with ultimately affect us and our future, therefore we must must choose the right person to be with. We can do that by asking how they view their past… an easy way to avoid a toxic relationship…

Amanda Jiang says:

“If your partner did the dishes instead of you” …. wait what?!? (I’m joking lol)

Angela J says:

I did all of these… turns out I married a man who doesn’t know who he is and lied to me a lot. To make things worse, he always put me second to everyone and everything else. Things hit the fan 3 years ago when the lies came out. Since then, it’s been nothing but more lying and stonewalling. I have felt completely alone in my marriage for the past several years. Unfortunately… There are some relationships that should not be saved.

Concepcion Ledezma says:

People of faith should not marry atheists. That would be foolish! A no-brainer here.

AbdelAzeez Sobh says:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Book (PDF – Summary – Review – Online Reading – Download):

Benjamin Jackson says:

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Hussam Abohdaib says:

here's several things for saving your partnership

Try to discuss more

Help each other out more

Try to give and take more

(I discovered these and why they work from Mirykal Marriage Plan website )

Janet Waring says:

Some gridlock means do not enter into marriage, believer versus atheist bodes disaster.


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EAWingZeroGundam says:

Marriage is a scam

June Von says:

Thnk You very much, Sir! cheers!

Seth Corbin says:

how do you "vew" your past?

DD says:

1: Enhance your love map ( knowing all the details about each other lives, like favourites tv shows, current goals, what stresses each other’s out. Ask your partner’s questions to know about each other

2.Nurture your fondness and admiration

3. Turn toward each other instead of away ( giving your partner your full attention

4. Let your partner influence you : take a deep breath( listen to each other, show empathy, don’t criticize and really think about your partner’s view point

5. Solve your solvable problems: Soften your “ start up” when bringing an issue make and receive repair attempts,( when things are getting out of hands let your partner know you need to take a break, on your break soothe yourself and each other, compromise: sharing each other view point to come up with a solution that is best for you. Be tolerate of each other’s faults

6. Overcome gridlock : Accept and adapt, acknowledge, listen and show respect, come up with a temporary compromise and thank each other for sharing.

7 create shared meaning: create rituals of connection, like holiday celebrations, going out to eat, morning routine. Work toward a common goal: helping the community through volunteers work or building a house boat. ( any goal you both agree on that involves both of you

Jai Patel says:

upload more relationship book summary

Ruvie says:

ready for my counselling exam

C B says:

Awesome advice!

CH USA Music says:

I call bullshit on one thing. The break to cool things off.. ummm be an adult, control your temper and sort the shit out.

Raymond Girard says:

We are struggling in our 30+ marriage. I wish we had read this a long long time ago. It was recommended by our couples councilor. It really hit home for me. Hopefully, time is still on our side. It just makes sense. Ordering the book today.

tannersheppard says:

Great video. It would be really cool if some of these couples were same sex.

Amir Bajrami says:

There are several things for making improvements in your marriage
Try to discuss more
Help each other out more
Try to give and take more
(I learned these and why they work from Pavs partner pundit site )

Oni says:

One partner wanting a child and the other doesn’t can only be solved one way. There is no comprise.

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