Stephen King on what scares him, 1986

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After many of his books, including The Shining, were made into movies, novelist Stephen King turned his focus to directing one. On tour to promote Maximum Overdrive, he told a CBC interviewer in 1986 why he wanted to try being a director.

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wisperingbeard says:

I love SK but good God was he high during this interview.

SSJ5G_YT says:

You always have to ask if Stephen King ever knew he’d be one of the biggest names in the genre of horror, I mean, he was writing from a young age after all. Did he think he’d ever become the name everyone thinks of when they think of horror? I wonder sometimes.

Sarah Riedel says:

"Except for the blackouts" 😂

Aaron Judkins says:

Crazy he talked about his fear of cars and then was almost killed by one some 13 years later

christian stabley says:

I need those glasses

christian stabley says:

Gangster asf

Heather Ingram says:

There's only one King😊

Lizard King says:

He really just is the cutest thing ever

Emerson Kelly says:

'Except for the blackouts'

Fireman of Los Santos says:

Never forget who the Stephen King was before Stephen King — Shirley Jackson

PoorMansMyself says:

6:30 a breakdown on some horror concepts

Abe Halpert says:

Is it polite to ask how much money he's made?

yellowroselola says:

Never was afraid of clowns until I read It. I was 25 years of age when I read It.
Also, as an adult, I have had to sleep with the lights on after reading some of his books. I am not ashamed. 😂😂😂😂

Arlxise says:

A toaster voiced by Clint Eastwood would be scary.

Isaac Ruddell says:

What a great interview

Deanobucko917 says:

They should have got Peter Mansbridge to interview him, not this woman

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