So you want to major in…PSYCHOLOGY?!?

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1. Majoring in Psychology 0:56
2. Graduate School 6:42
3. My Job 10:46

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Sajani Mathews-Perez says:

I have a BA in Social Science. I have worked in the non profit area for many years but now I want to move from that as I now have a physical limitation due to a surgery. What can I do now with this degree? Something that's not too stressful or requires physical strength?

Rosa Aile says:

Thank you so much for this video, this is the best video I’ve found for psychology major information👍🏼 majoring psychology with minor in criminal justice to become a forensic psychologist

Caleb Pederson says:

Job growth 14% for psychology jobs in the next 10 years. Great compared to others.

Normally the 3rd major chosen behind nursing and business. Lots of competition so make sure your the best at what you do or you have a good mentor, I suggest both.

A lot of tradesmen and others will look down upon you so prepare to fight for the science.

DO NOT use it on your family members, my goodness you should know because you create a bias.

It’s not about you. Though you can make money or so I’m told if your good at what you do.

That’s basically it actually. It’s a fun science and it requires a different mindset to figure it out. I’m not a expert I just used to study it then went into the trades and now I’m trying to get back into it 🙂 I needed a wake up call.

ayesha hassan says:

i wanna do becholar in psychology then choose clinical psychology for my master degree

Rhea M says:

I am currently pursuing bachelors in education ( but it has some parts of psychology too). Would it possible for me to accepted into a masters program in psych as an international student?
Ps- loved the video 💜

love black says:

Can you go into the masters program in psychology with a BA In sociology

varsha raj says:

What are some moderate universities in psychology in USA .. please suggest would be really greatful

Akhil Wazir says:

Can you take psychology if you're not good at math?

Jisa jz says:

I am planning to study clinical psychology in California. Can you please give some information about that

Sreenivasarao Bolisetty says:

Hi I am steshta from present I am doing undergraduation in bsc psychology can anybody guide me to do clinical psychology in usa

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