Hyperion Explained In FIVE Minutes (No Major Spoilers)

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The Hyperion Cantos is a Science Fiction Series by Dan Simmons that consists of 4 books. Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and the Rise of Endymion. The First book of the series opens up in the 29th century and follows seven humans as they make the journey to the outback world of Hyperion in order to partake in the Shrike Pilgrimage. The Technocore, the amalgamation of all sentient AI, has dubious motivations throughout much of the books. The Hegemony of Man maintains a seeming alliance with the core, and the core has also gifted several groundbreaking technologies to humanity. The Technocore advises the Hegemony through avatars of its own creation, using Cybrids, beings that are grown from human DNA, but whose true being exists inside of the Technocore itself. Technocore also manages the All-Thing in real-time. In this time humans of the Hegemony were all linked through the “All Thing” Through the All Thing they could vote on legislation, communicate with each other with ease, and instantaneously access whatever information they needed.

But this was only possible on worlds connected by Fatline technology. The world of Hyperion was one of the hundreds of inhabited worlds of the galactic Hegemony which was not connected by Farcaster, or Fatline technology. Because of this Journeys to the world of Hyperion had to be made by way of conventional space travel. At the start of Hyperion 7 pilgrims have been chosen by the Shrike Church, also known as the Church of the Final Atonement to Partake in the Shrike Pilgrimage. The Shrike is a legendary being that appeared on Hyperion at the same time as the mysterious objects known as the time tombs who were believed to have been sent backward in time from some distant future point.

Cover art by: Alex Jay Brady


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