Review of Christian children's and YA books

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Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing, (Christian children’s books) reviews the following books:
London’s Gone by J.M. Evans
Mystery in the Snow by J.M. Evans
The Treasure Hunt by J.M. Evans
Deepest Darkness by Denise Hayward
The Only Way by Gareth Rowe
A Pennyworth of Peppermints by Mary Weeks Millard
Beech Bank Girls, Every Girl Has a Story by Eleanor Watkins
Beech Bank Girls, Making a Difference by Eleanor Watkins
Beech Bank Girls, Christmas is Coming! by Eleanor Watkins
Beech Bank Girls, A Time Remembered by Eleanor Watkins
I Want to Be an Airline Pilot by Mary Weeks Millard
Living in Hope by Mary Weeks Millard
Under the Tamarind Tree by Mary Weeks Millard
The Birthday Shoes by Mary Weeks Millard

All these books are available from and Christian bookshops. Some are also available as ebooks.