For this video I am showing my 5 favorite non-fiction children’s books that we have in our home library. I also made a video showing my 5 favorite fiction books as well. 💻🌐 🖨Links 🖨🌐💻 [More]
This video segment was created by the video broadcasting class at Bosse High School in Evansville, Indiana.
The witch had a cat and a very tall hat… Join the witch and her new friends on their travels.. Will they escape the dragon? Colourful read-aloud. Music: Youth Musician: @iksonmusic
kids story book. story time The mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…. Music: Rain Musician: @iksonofficial
#Bedtime #ChildrensBooks #NewYear #FamilyTraditions #NewYearResolutions #Sleep Make children’s bedtime peaceful with a children’s bedtime story that deepens devotion and uplifts kids to prayer. Bring children to meditate on God’s word through a nightly bedtime rhyme. [More] – Andrea Bull teamed up with her brother, Robert Bull, to support Autism Awareness and showcase the talent and potential of an autistic individual. Together, they created a children’s book: Andrea wrote funny phrases [More]
The Whale Who Ate Everything is a funny little tale about a very hungry whale who eats a little too much for his own good.
A flip through of “I Spy in the Sky” by Edward Gibbs
This week’s author spotlight is on, Catherine Zampier. Catherine is constantly learning and drawing inspiration from family stories, as well as, writing and sharing family-themed picture books for young and old. Her picture book, One [More]
Our highly requested book shelf tour is here!, we hope you all enjoy the little insight into the hundreds of books we have, we haven’t counted but there is definitely over 1000 books. We hope [More]
Children’s Book Read Aloud of OLIVIA THE SPY! This children’s book teaches us what happens when Olivia eavesdrops on her mom. Written by Ian Falconer. Support the author and buy the book here: Please [More]
This week’s author spotlight is on, Chelsea Elliott, MSW. Chelsea is the author of Natalie the Monster Slayer and founder of Bedtime Memories Publishing Co. As the parents of two little girls, she and her [More]
Mr. Nate Books launches the fourth podcast episode! Make sure to subscribe to your favorite podcast platform (list below)! The fourth episode features and explains #1 Mr. Nate Book – Children’s collection called Daddy Donut [More]
The iSPY children’s book series is loved by kids around the world! iSpy Thanksgiving helps teach children to look at the details and learn different areas such as letter association and reading! Thanksgiving is one [More]
Nickerbacher is a dragon and aspiring comedian who travels to La La Land to audition for The Late Knight Show. Hoping to prove to his father – and the world – that dragons can be [More]
Alex never played a recorder but he wanted to try for some time and this book made that possible. It comes with a plastic recorder that takes no time to put together. Instructions are beautifully [More]
Mavis Nicholson speaks to acclaimed writer and author Roald Dahl. Recorded in 1984 If you would like to license a clip from this video please e mail: Quote: VT28791
If your children are obsessed with birthday cakes they will love this attractive book with a real cake recipe. What a fun concept! Get yours here [aff link] Please keep in mind that I [More]
Reading Children’s Books reads Me and My Dragon Book by David Biedrzycki – Fun Kids Book Read Aloud Me and My Dragon book is a great read and a good purchase through Amazon along with [More]
Theresa Thorn (@theresathorn) and Noah Grigni join to share IT FEELS GOOD TO BE YOURSELF: A BOOK ABOUT GENDER IDENTITY. There are more conversations about gender going on than perhaps ever before, but there are [More]
An interview with Jeanne Birdsall For more interviews, inspiration, and writing advice, go to: Bobbie Hinman is the author and creator of the award-winning best fairy book series which includes The Knot Fairy, The Sock Fairy, The Fart Fairy, The Freckle Fairy, and The Belly Button Fairy. Bobbie’s [More]
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Animated Children’s Books is a channel dedicated to bringing everyone’s favorite books as a kid to life! If you enjoyed this book please subscribe for future animations! *All material [More]
Storytime Pup Children’s Book Read Aloud: Secret School Spy Squad – Mission 1 – Lost Lunchboxes. Stories for Kids. Written by Janelle McGuinness Illustrated by FXN Color Studio Storytime Pup is a children’s book channel [More]
Exclusive interview with Robyn Opie Parnell – bestselling author of 100+ books for children. One million plus sales worldwide. Program made by Rob Parnell for R&R Books Film Music based on questions from Easy Way [More]
Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing, (Christian children’s books) reviews the following books: London’s Gone by J.M. Evans Mystery in the Snow by J.M. Evans The Treasure Hunt by J.M. Evans Deepest Darkness by Denise [More]