Patient Zero! Bride of Frankenstein! More Monster Statue Unboxing and Reviews! SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES

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Even though Halloween is over, we still have some monsters to unbox. From the Universal Monsters line, with have Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride of Frankenstein. Then we have the Patient Zero premium format.

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oliver guzman says:

this horror monster line is soo badass man. Loved them all so far.

Venomspawn says:

Frankenstein looks fantastic. My favorite of the 3

The 90's says:

Apparently Sideshow and Universal had a very bad breakup during an October sales event years ago. Perhaps others can fill in the details.

Edge 1086 says:

Man that patient 0 is fucking badass

Jonathan Baker says:

It’s ya boy gemmint

The Standard Zone says:

Loving these classics!!

Richard Zaric says:

I like the Frankenstein portrait. Love the Zombie! The base feels like it's in a subway station or something.

Ace says:

Zero amazing

Zse' says:

i like them, frankie and his bride is great!

Javier Garcia says:

Thanks Gem, you saved the best for last. That dead skin is just amazing and that dragging foot!!! That’s easily the best piece. Thanks for sharing

bigdaddio robjr says:

You'd appreciate these beauties if you ever seen the monsters in their original movies!! I Have Spoken!!

NotMorganFreeman says:

These were cool to see. Sideshow needs to go back to making some old school horror statues.

Bad Protocol says:

Really cool! 👍

Justin Reilly says:

Was thinking if either picking up the neca frankenstein or dracula!

vic anaya2 says:

I love those classic Frankenstein characters but, I really like that zombie character. I'm big fan of The Walking Dead, so that looks cool as hell! I know it's not the walking dead but it still looks badass. thanks for the review.👍👍

chris ep says:

Those statues just keep on coming lol. Great content Gem! Keep it up!!

Brandon Wilson says:


F. R. E. S. H.

Force Ghost Burt Reynolds says:

"You can't just turn off Halloween!!"

InfamyOrDeath -__- says:

These are all Adrian’s? My god, the amount of statues that man owns, he must be a millionaire.

callum bignall says:

Great stuff


More classic statues. I dig the older ones because of the smaller footprint they take up.

benhizzle says:

So maybe I’m a little sick but those are 3 beautiful statues.

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