Monster Review: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein, & Ghost of Frankenstein

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Pull up a chair for this one, folks! Four movie reviews in one video turned out to be difficult to manage, especially since I’ve seen three of these movies several times and like them a lot and therefore have a lot to say. There are some comments I ended up cutting out, like what a kick I get out of Edward Van Sloan’s little message of warning from producer Carl Laemmle before Frankenstein starts, or how I feel like that movie’s upbeat last scene with the jocular Baron is a little too cheery, or how delightfully fun the behind-the-scenes photos from these movies are, with the cast sitting around taking their tea/cigarette breaks in full makeup and costume and having a laugh between takes. Anyway, since I didn’t include these remarks in the video, I thought I’d mention them here as a bonus for anyone who reads the description. 🙂

Oh, and the thumbnail is supposed to look like me doing an imitation of Frankenstein’s Monster lunging toward the camera…

Films reviewed:
Frankenstein (1931)
Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Son of Frankenstein (1939)
The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

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Phonotical says:

I'd say pretoriusessesses accent is fairly genuine, I've heard very similar from other people recorded in the 1930s to the 50s in England, specially Scotland (oddly enough!)

I have seen the big three, Dracula, frankenstein, the mummy, and I felt frankenstein was the best of them, the mummy, hoo boy, it felt so slow and quiet it was unbelievable that this made an impression for so long! 👀🤫

Anne Purcell says:

This beautiful girl is named Jerome?☹️

Ian Findly says:

Your kidding?! .. . you didn't dig Lord Byron "Worlds greatest sinner!!"?!

Mark says:

Ugh, no Una would have gone even further. She ruins or almost ruins every scene she's in, for me. Enough that I prefer and think superior the original. Minus that it might be superior.
The bride finale is indeed made incredible by Elsa. She's unforgettable.
Rathbone is one of my personal all time favs, that and the architect and photography goes a long way to making me greatly enjoy Son of…., its been underrated for a lot if years perhaps.

Jason Smith says:

I somehow stumbled upon this, and in need of humor, was attracted to the goofy thumbnail that I initially thought was a middle schooler movie review. Wow…having thought myself an expert on these movies, I'm stunned by this insight and chronological commentary. Her underlying love of subject and sense of humour are a joy to listen to. Re: Every once and awhile the monster needs to be struck by lightning…in Son of, I thought that was what Igor said damaged him. This is supposedly after he survived 20 tons of falling castle!

Baron Wolf von Frankenstein says:

Greatest film series ever in my opinion. Every shot in any of the first three films can be displayed on a wall.

Reezy Bags says:

Any women that can sit back and watch all the Frankenstein films turns me on this girl got good taste

william curry says:

What’s so cool is to see the Universal universe, which has its own continuity, and to see how it mixes modern and old country sensibilities. Glad to see this and can’t wait to see you discuss more of these.

Aaron Nicewonger says:

Son of Frankenstein is actually my favorite of all of the Universal Frankenstein movies.
The atmosphere and sets are amazing. The Frankenstein Castle/Manor is absolutely stunning.
Lionel Atwell is awesome as the Inspector.
Bela's Ygor is a great manipulator and villain.
And Wolfe Frankenstein is perfectly portrayed by Basil Rathbone.

seeburgm100a says:

Jerome Weiselberry TCM needs a permanent segment of Classic Horror and Sci Fi and should consider you as their host. Now how about that?

Ch00PrivateAccount 00 says:

Okay! So of course, Frankenstein is a classic. I am not sure what else I can add with that, however, Bride of Frankenstein may be my favorite and I just might prefer to the original…maybe – it's close call. The only thing I was disappointed in when first seeing this one, was how little bride actually was in it! I felt cheated! I felt ripped off! lol Okay, now for the ones I have just seen recently, Son of Frankenstein. I am not sure what it was about this one. It just wasn't what I was expecting. I found it too be a little too slow paced – Maybe? It didn't feel like the monster was really in it that much either compared to the other two. However, Boris is of course, doing a wonderful job. However, I kind of wish he would have talked like in the previous film myself. Bela Lugosi's acting was also top notched! Really thought he did such a great job. He altered his voice giving it a more rough gravel sound! You wouldn't even know it was him! The Ghost of Frankenstein was actually pretty entertaining. I think I found it more entertaining than the Son of Frankenstein. I think because the monster is actually out and about in the town again, while the previous movie had the monster only around Frankenstein's place (If I am remembering it correctly.) I think Lon Chaney Jr did a good job too. Bela was still great as Igor – felt like a continuation of the previous one. The ending however was a little cheesy when Igor's voice was coming out of the monster after the brain transfusion – and the continuity of these films do get a little confusing when so many times the monster should have been dead lol But I sure love these movies overall. I am assuming perhaps you put Frankenstein VS. The Wolfman under Wolfman's review? It does feel more like a sequel to The Wolfman than it does another Frankenstein movie.

sean Mac says:

These are fantasic! Great job!!

Uncle Marty says:

Uncle Marty is a big fan of the Frankenstein saga.. Karloff was sure to never Boris (teehee.. get it?).

gothling1955 says:

Wow! Such a vastly enjoyable review of these exceedingly familiar and durable classic films, wherein you actually included a few facts of which I was unaware. So well done, very well researched and presented. It made me want to watch all of them again, end on end, in one enormous Frankenstein fest. To me, the first two Universal Horror cycles truly stand (with a few affectionately hand-picked selections from the silent movie era, of course) as having defined what the genre would forever stand for. They are the bench marks by which everything henceforth ought to be measured. And you've done a beautiful job in conveying the lasting relevance and import of these four films in the Frankenstein series (even allowing for the occasional misstep or flaw therein, here and there, they remain really wonderful movies).

louis borselio says:

Actually the original ending of Frankenstein was supposed to end with the burning windmill leaving Dr Frankenstein for dead. But the suits at Universal wanted a lighter ending so a scene was rushed into production. Those were stand ins for Colin Clive and Mae Clarke in the background.

James Marshall says:

I think you are nit-picking with the prologue featuring Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and Percy Shelley. It's a clever touch. I don't mind how the three of them are portayed…this isn't a documentary on the trio.


FRANKENSTEIN is THE KING OF THE MONSTERS! (I even have a 1966 Marx Figure of the Monster in green! Rare to find!) Colin Clive was brilliant as the obsessive Dr.Frankenstein as he was in his manic role in "Mad Love" as well!

jorge lopez says:

Whale gave us, in Dr.Septimus Praetorius, the maddest of all mad scientists. I think that the opening with Lord Byron, Shelley and Mary was a stroke of pure genius (well, I like literature).

mayaadobe says:

The first 3 were beautiful works of cinematic art. Great actors and sets. Interesting blending of Teutonic never never land blended with quaint English village storybook world. The 1st film is charmingly creeky in an old gramophone kind of way. I really loved the lecture room scene which rem8nds me of the lecture room scene in the Dan Curtis Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde opening The 2nd is beautiful to look at. Incredible sets and backdrop. The 3rd is very well done and last of the quality versions until Dan Curtis years later. All subsequent versions arnt nearly as compelling and play up the Oktoberfestishness too much. Too cliche driven. Your review is terrific as always.

Daniel B says:

The thing that people fail to mention about Bride of Frankenstein is how funny it is; It is a brilliant black comedy. Ernest Thesiger is amazing, particularly the crypt scene – and I disagree with you about the miniatures scene it is a great piece of high camp. Did you know Ernest Thesiger wrote books on embroidery and called himself 'the stitching bitch' – he did not care for the, ahem, company of women.

blackcougar1959 says:

Fabulous collective movie reviews as always. Thanks also giving shout outs to my favorite character actor of all time…..Dwight Frye ♥

Kutta Kyte says:

My first love, The Bride. She was so hot.

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