NEW BOOK CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT: The Most Disturbing Books of All Time!

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Introducing The Year of Horror Book Club! Throughout 2019 we will be reading and discussing some of the most disturbing books of all time. At the end of every month I will post a review/discussion of that month’s books. I will put up a warning in the video when we are about to switch from the “review” to the “discussion” which will have spoilers

In each video I will showcase the next 2 months’ book club picks. I will also be announcing the books on my Instagram/Twitter.

Want to join in on the discussion?
• Discord group chat –
• Use the hashtag #yearofhorrorbookclub on Twitter and Instagram

The Year of Horror Book Club Pics:
• January – We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver
• February – Penpal by Dathan Auerbach

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ChapterStackss says:

Hello! After I made this video, I made a Discord group so you can discuss the book with each each other as you read it! I also just uploaded a video explaining the group 🙂 Here is the link to the The of Horror Book Club Discord group!

Raghav Ravichandar says:

Damn I missed this will you're book for March be announced? Love the idea!

Steven Roberts says:

If you haven't read misery do that one in your year of horror.

Malikah Harris says:

Hi there my name is Malikah Harris new author of Generational Curses book series. If you are looking for more submissions for your book picks please consider my book! Thanks!

Jhonny Yovera says:

Where do I find we need to talk about Kevin? good video!

Nunu Nu says:

Ok so I was trying to remember which book review account I really loved and this is it (my memory sucks)
I wanted to ask if you could discuss this topic on one of your videos since I'd really like to know your feedback:

So , I had this talk with a friend about how we shud narrow down our scope of reading to become more knowledgeable in a certain topic, but damn I gota read my S King , I binge on tht sht , n I love fantasy, n I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction. I've found myself leaning towards history and language , but again, I don't have a really concrete method of reading,

So wanted to know ur thoughts, how do you get the most out of reading , do you use it as an escape?
Do you use at as a method to further ur career knowledge?
Or randomly depending on your mood
Or a mix of all three? And how do you suggest we go on about it ?

kaytee mceuen says:

Just picked up my copy from the library!!!

brittany B says:

Yes Penpal! It’s my favorite book of all time I’ve read it so many times! I’ll join for that 😍 I hope you love it! And we need to talk about Kevin is such a great book as well!

Steven Harris says:

Would you please review my novel? It's very different and unique. It's a super-genre.

kelly r says:

Thanks for the new video, Katie! Just put Shriver's book on hold at the library. Can't wait for all the books we read this year!

Melody Manson says:

you should add a Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum book later this year. I recommend one of the Beast House books by Laymon and Offspring or Off Season by Ketchum. And also Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch

Amanda says:

Definitely here for a horror reading group! Though I'm afraid I don't have the stomach for the most disturbing books of all time. Maybe have some that aren't Jack Ketchum for wimps like me? Looking forward to Penpal!

Patricia A. says:

Hi! Following from Spain! So I am very excited to join in but also worried I won't be able to find the books in my country, anyways, if there could be alternative book options, that would be great!

Lauren Coakley says:

Very cool idea. Can't wait to see more and get more recommendations.

Nail Polish Nook says:

Love this new series! I am going online shopping NOW ! 📚🤓

mmhalfacre says:

I am totally in for We Need to Talk About Kevin. Been on my TBR list forever.

buggygarden52 says:

I ordered both books… very excited 😁

Norma 22 says:

Exciting! I already have We need to talk about Kevin so just need Penpal

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