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Jay A Howard says:

Thanks 🙏

Virtual Crickets says:

Lol, good point about Ayn Rand. You can't make sense of Atlas Shrugged because it simply doesn't make sense. It paints an unrealistic view of reality for the sake of propaganda.

Dee Bernardos says:

Interesting,think i'm gonna try it tonight.

superciliousme says:

I listen to this video at higher speed while reading the comments. Lol.

101DaExclusive says:

whoa this is super tight

Emma Lucia Ceballos says:

LMAOOO brooo i have been doing the same thing and ever since i started doing that i started finishing books within 2-3 days and was so much more focused 2x the speed while looking at the actual book works wonders!

Andrew Greiner says:

That sounds so economical… not

Conor Hynes says:

This even enjoyable?

OverProcessed says:

I kinda did this once, but I didn't listen at 2x speed. It actually works because I comprehend better and I don't get distracted (aka, it's more immersive than just reading the book by itself).

Greg Wood says:

where do you find books that are read at 2x the normal speed?

Dan Gould says:

I searched for this video to help me read Ayn Rand

Carlos Aberdinas says:

Totally Agreed with this method. I love it and it works. I had not used the double speed of the Audio,yet though.

Chaudhary Muhammad Sabeeh says:

Its seems like a really good idea, i will try it asap

iSami Sam says:

I totally agree with you’ I’ve been using this method for a while and indeed I started to read more books faster understanding to the topics and more importantly I am no longer distracted with the noise.

drjones says:

This is a great tool for language learning also. You are developing two skills at once…

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