My Favourite Books (since I've been on Booktube)

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Normal People:

How to Breathe Underwater:



Night Waking:

A Tale for the Time Being:

The Essex Serpent:

Fool’s Fate:

Through Black Spruce:

How Green Was My Valley:

The Inconvenient Indian:

Just Mercy:


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Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

I adored the ocean at the end of the lane… I think that was my first dip into more magical realism without realising it. This was so much fun! It makes me realise how many of your suggestions I've still yet to read!

Rebecca Bonallie says:

mercy have you read any good books about the UK justice system?

Mariam Reads says:

So much fun – lots of new stuff om my tbr now

Your True Shelf says:

It's so interesting how tastes vary between people. I'd read several books on the lists – some that I'd found 3* were ones you'd loved, and the ones that I loved the most didn't make your final cut. So I found it really intriguing to hear different opinions.
I love it when I hear about books that weren't on my radar, yet through persistent mentions my different booktubers, they become wishlist & tbr books.
Really enjoyable.

Joanne Carnevale says:

I'd already enjoyed Jen's ultimate video, and now yours, as well. I appreciate how difficult this was for you. You've helped with my 2019 nonfiction goal. Placing your 3 on my TBR. Many thanks!

moon book says:

Cute cats both them=)
And have you read Wayward vol.1?

Supposedly Fun says:

This is such a fun video and what a great list! I love Americanah and A Tale for the Time Being. I may have added a few of the others to my own TBR list.

Oly Bliss says:

It was fun to watch you struggle to whittle these down😄 I feel like I have a much better sense of your reading preferences though. I would like to read English animals just because this one has been highlighted a lot. I loved Revolutionary Road as a film and interested to see for myself how that compares. Americana is another one which has been consistently praised as well. There have been several one your list I’ve never come across though as well😅 I’m up for more Sarah Walters though I my life but I want to prioritise Tipping the Velvet ☺️

Tired Mama Tries to Read says:

Awesome selection! Putting them all on my wishlist x x x

John Hunt says:

Loved your favourites video. It is so hard to chose favourites. Books resonate for so many reasons it is hard to make a list of ten. I have a list of my ten favourite fiction books. I have yet to make a list of non-fiction. Being such a fan and reader of historical books about WW1 and WW2 and the war in Afghanistan I think those books would have to form a separate list. Anyway here is my top ten favourite books – note one of my favourite books is also on your list and for similar reasons:
Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris
Winter in Madrid by CJ Sansom
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
The Muse by Jessie Burton
On Beauty by Zadie Smith
We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas
The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine and Lynne Constantine
Circe by Madeline Miller
A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart
Normal People by Sally Rooney

Nighteyes&Fitz says:

If you could choose your favourite book of all time, what would you pick?

nina kocjančič says:

Bookaxe is wonderful for this.. it forces you to pick which books you like best, and place them on different shelves according to how much you've liked them. And it forces you to put 50% of the books you've read on the "bottom shelf". Which is really not that bad and hard – compared to choosing which book you pick for the top shelf… for 150 books, it will only allow me 6 "top" shelf picks.. but it's kinda amazing, cuz it does force you to really reconsider which book experience touched you the most

Karly Dolle says:

This video convinced me to go out and buy several of the books I've been considering for a while. I bought both of Sally Rooney's books and devoured the two of them in one day! Amazing!

I was wondering if you would maybe be able to consider doing a 'Recommended Channels' video of other Booktubers you watch and respect for bookish opinions and reviews? I would love to have more people exposing me to other phenomenal fiction in a similar vain to your taste.

Thank you for always making quality and worthwhile content!

HeyBicycle says:

Holla if you’ve been here for six years!

Tiffany Deckard says:

LOVED this video!!! It felt like I was having a book discussion with a friend!! Thank you!! ❤📚

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