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Lacey Burlew says:

I read my first (and only) Sarah Dessen when I was 13, and it was the dullest thing I’ve ever read.

Dalindcy says:

Ken Follet and his weird thing for rape. yesss! I hate it, especially how detailed his rape scenes are and how often they are insignificant to the story, just so weird.

Alexandra Fisher says:

I can totally relate to why you're unhauling "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I tried so hard to get into the third in the series, but just couldn't.

Nicole White says:

yes! dont apologise for your reading tastes! and I get a lot of my books from goodwill so its really rewarding for me to find a book i want at a good price and in good condition! why keep a book that you didnt love when someone else could love it?

Victor Drezna says:

Hard T on Follett 😀 but that's Ok, it's your channel. Have a great day!

Francesca Guiducci says:

I'm one of those people who would be excited if I were to find A Monster's Call at Goodwill, so thank you for donating your books!

Ashley Blaxton says:

I really wish you (and every other booktuber) lived close to me so I could follow you to the thrift store and buy the books you donate 😂 they're too expensive otherwise 😣

Ruby Tuesday says:

what travel books have you liked and would recommend? i haven't read a whole lot of them as i think i have bad luck when i choose them cause they're either boring or lacking but i know that there are some really good ones out there!

Katie Ferguson says:

You're not missing out on much by not reading An Abundance of Katherines. Green tried way too hard to make the characters quirky (all were very annoying, especially Hassan) and he was clearly very inspired by The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. It just seemed like a shitty knockoff.

Autumn Behon says:

I love unhauls. Personally I get annoyed when people have tons of books that they will never reread or they don't enjoy, then the books just sit on the shelves being forgotten. Once I'm done with a book and don't plan on rereading it, I'll give it away for others to enjoy. That's the purpose for them!

People just get so upset over simple things. Books are personal. You won't like every book you come across. Heck, my own mother has read my favorite books and bashed them! Also, like you said, books aren't eggs. They are durable. I don't understand why YouTubers are constantly forced to defend themselves. Unhaul away! I love seeing people declutter and clean. I love seeing people give books away for others to enjoy. It makes the bookworm in me so excited! Amazing video 🙂

Emily R Wade says:

Ohhhh favorite travel books would be a great video; I'm always looking for those! 🙂

Eileen L says:

THANK YOU for refusing to apologize for getting rid of books. I hate it when other unhaul videos do that. Grow up.

1alazydaisy says:

Have you seen the Pillars of Earth mini series?

Steeped in Books says:

I actually really enjoy unhauls… I often hear about books that sound interesting and I add to my TBR. As you said, just because you didn't enjoy it, doesn't mean someone else won't. Also, I love that you gave reasons as to why you are unhauling.

Sookie Stackhouse is a favorite series of mine, but I have never watched True Blood because I heard it was vastly different from the books.

Joanna Morrison says:

I HATED northanger abbey! I wish Jane Austen had turned it into a murder mystery instead of just passing off all the built-up suspense with "Oh, she's just a silly girl who's trying to find wild fantasies who aren't there!" I would recommend Emma or Pride and Prejudice.

sarahannereads says:

Northanger Abbey is my least favorite of Jane Austen's books, so I agree it's not the best one to start with. I honestly recommend most people start with Pride & Prejudice just because it's such a well-known story that most people are at least mildly familiar with it and it's also just a delightful story. My other favorite by her is Persuasion. One of the less common ones for people to read, but it's lovely.

SarahsTravels says:

Pride & Prejudice (all time fav Jane Austen) or try Emma or Mansfield Park

Lit Loving Science Teacher says:

Send me all your unhauled books, ha! I'm forever at Goodwill/Salvation Army shopping for books for both my classroom library and my Little Free Library! 😉

Sanya says:

Need to do this!! I own too many books i dont actually care about

Grace Backler says:

I admire your ability to unhaul! I struggle to unhaul books, it's definitely something I need to work on.

Maddie Bee says:

Starting Jane Austen with Pride and Prejudice is usually the best idea, imo.

Gwendolyn Kensinger says:

I think I say this on every unhaul video I watch but getting rid of things we no longer want or need is so freeing – books included.

Amerie says:

Ah, nothing like unloading, whether it be books, papers, knick knacks, or any other clutter… Travel light, travel far!😉 Great video!

Julia Ellmore says:

Nice video! I should do the same things with books I didn't like, it's depressing to see horrible books on your bookshelves!
Anyway, about Jane Austen I recommend you Pride and Prejudice, it is probably a banal choice, but I have read almost all of her novels (only Masfield park is missing) and I think that Pride and Prejudice is the best to know this author 🙂

Sammy Page says:

the only upside to Kindle vs real books. I don't feel bad about hoarding Kindle books, but I went to buy a book earlier and the Kindle was 11.99 and the real copy was 8.49. so. betcha can't guess what I did

Thatscd says:

It's not unfortunate to work with natural light. I like it. Great video! You are a far stronger woman than I to get rid of books. 😊

SparklesBooks says:

Summer Sisters was super depressing! I agree 100%

R.V. Chua says:

I love book unhauls since I only keep the books that I really love. Also I like your honest, interesting reviews. I used to read Jodi Picoult until the fourth book when I started to hate them, I think it had to do with her heroines. Thanks for pointing out the rape thing in Ken Follet's books, I enjoyed The Pillars of the Earth but the rape scene unnerved me.

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