Mark Kermode reviews I, Frankenstein

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Mark Kermode reviews I, Frankenstein. Two hundred years after his creation, Dr. Frankenstein’s creature still roams the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war between two immortal clans, he discovers he may hold the key to the fate of humanity.

Please tell us what you think of the film — or Mark’s review of the film below. We love to include your views on the show every Friday.
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Zemplin Castellan says:

Ah, Bill Nighy… slumming it as usual. You're better than this shlock, Bill. Same with Miranda.

Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

I'd never watched 'I, Frankenstein' before, but it was on TV last night & I thought: "What the heck! How bad can it be?"
Answer?: VERY!!!
Part way through, I even decided to do some ironing while it was on. Care to take a guess as to which of the two was more entertaining?

Paul Kavanagh says:

Thanks Dr. You just saved me two hours of my life on Film4.

evilempireUK says:

I actually liked this film.

Nicholas Dickens says:

Worst film of the year already got in quickly. 🙂

Team Bombersports says:

Having seen the awful trailer on constant rotation in my SU bar, I was hoping this would provide a good Kermodian rant. And it has.

TheBlackSpiral says:

spit take Kermode referenced Assassin's Creed o.o

Charlie logan says:

Eckhart doesn't have it easy. He doesn't have the cliched looks of an A list Star, but he's still far too cheesy American to be an interesting character actor. Neither fish nor fowl you could say. Perhaps it's not even his fault and the fingers of blame should be pointed at his agent and managers for trying to break him as an A list leading man, when he isn't. Still, he gets attention for a reason and perhaps when he gets that little bit older, he'll find his niche.

Aaron Seddon says:

Mark Kermode knows what Assassins Creed is??? mind blown

Zelnyair says:

You'd think maybe that filmmakers might have more confidence and pride in what they make?

I don't quite get why some would turn down press screenings- surely whatever the reviews say, it brings attention to your film and helps in trying to maximise your potential viewer base compared to if you didn't have press screenings at all? 

You pretty much reap what you sow- if your film was good, then critics would not be so negative about it. Critics aren't the ones who damage the reputations of movies, filmmakers- the damage comes from you not making the movie any good to begin with.   

UKRevolutionaryArmy says:

haha what a story Mark

Ryan Smith says:

Kermode has a now probably teenage son, so he's most likely gonna have a grasp on video games.

Sam Burns says:

worst graphic novel to movie conversion ever.

HeatRayz Video says:

Tombstone wasn't press previewed as the studio thought they would hate then critics actually loved it

Gamer Gunn of 87 says:

Kermode doesn't actually hate videogames. He did video a couple of years ago talking about L.A Noire.

Nayden says:

Yeah goota give a Thumbs up for the mention of Assassins Creed lol, was not expecting that.

On Topic: movie looks horrible. 

Matt Cipolla says:

This always looked like utter January trash, and it opened at #6 in America so that really says something, along with its 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jo Paton says:

I think we should all just watch the trailer and move on, poor Mary…

Wilks363 says:

Its "Fraaaaaannnkeeennsteeeeeiin..!"

blackpeter70 says:

We should count ourselves lucky. It could have been another crap teen-vampire movie, or a bloody zombie movie. I think I'd rather watch Young Frankenstein again than sitting through this turgid mess. However, I did enjoy Ken Branagh's Frankenstein – that was fun! James Whale's 1931 version is also great, as is a early 1900's silent version…that I have forgotten who made it. But it was creepy!

Cudgel Thy Brain says:

How does Mark know what Assassin's Creed is?

Mr synth dude says:

Assassins creed lol

Alex Rhodes says:

Eddie Marsan pops up everywhere, even in film reviews for films he isnt in

Remus0387 says:

I, Frankenstein does seem like one of those supernatural CGI fests that takes inspiration from better films in it's sub genre but turns out to be a middling film.

Saleem Frazer says:

Kermode mentioned Assassin's Creed and it made my inner nerd smile.

GiorgioTsukalos99 says:

lol kermode made an assassins creed reference hahah

David Nash says:

I bet Mary Shelley would be really happy with this.

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