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Do you have friends with different reading preferences?

I dream of the day when readers learn to respect each other’s boundaries and not feel threatened when someone else’s boundaries are different.

Zero-spice readers always complain that they get shamed for NOT wanting spice and the spicy readers always complain that they get shamed FOR wanting it. And both are right.

SOMEONE out there will be upset no matter what you read. It is still not fair to make blanket statements complaining about “zero-spice readers” or “smut readers” as seems to happen every time there’s a dust-up on the issue.

Most people are reasonable, most people are pretty chill, and most people are cool with letting you do you. (Yes, I struggle to remember this sometimes, but I still believe it’s true.)

📖Road to Fire by Maria Luis is a FANTASTIC book, despite not being what I usually read. It is not Fantasy, but it does have secret societies, political intrigue, British history tidbits, gut-wrenching emotion, and Saxon and Isla have some of the best character development I’ve seen in a long time. It does have spice, so heads up if that’s not your preference.