HUGE Book Haul (40+ books!!)

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Thanks for watching this monstrous book haul! Im off to read….
ALSO! Happy first day of NaNoWriMo!! You can add me as a buddy, my username is sashaalsberg 🙂

Sorry for any name pronunciation errors

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Abdullah Faisal says:

So when did we start calling comic books, "graphic novels"

Pineapple_Princess says:

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan was literally the best book I have read in my life followed closely by Unleashed (the sequel) and the Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Thank you so much abookutopia because your book recommendations and even the books you mention are really awesome.

Kristen H. says:

You are amazing!! I love all you videos!!! And trust me you aren't the only one who can't read roman numeral numbers! <3

Michelle Winchester says:

Roman numerals are pretty easy. I find them really cool, because it's fun to figure them out. So in case you're interested: Romans had signs only for a few numbers. I is 1 (pretty obvious), V is 5 (there's a bunch of jokes about a guy ordering two beers in Rome and getting five instead, when he rose two fingers :D), X is ten, L is 50, C is 100, D is 500 and M is 1000. For every other number you have to use math to write it. Most of the time you add up. Like 2 is 1+1, so you write II. 7 is 5+1+1 so you write VII. But you generally shouldn't have more than three identical signs right next to each other, so for a number like 9, which is 5+1+1+1+1, you would have VIIII, which we don't use anymore. Instead you write it as 10-1, which is IX (you write the lower number first to indicate substraction). That's it. It might be more complicated for some of the higher numbers, but to identify kings, you really just need this :D.

Anna McGivern says:


Taylor N says:

Her: "Very many "
Me: "Much books"

Jacqueline Amaral says:

Manmad. That was 😂. Thxs for a laugh

Karlee Tristan says:

I can only dream about buying all these books

Liz Widner says:

Good list! Can't wait to check 'em out! I was super inspired by you Sasha, so I went out and bought my first copy of Outlander and am super stoked to read it! Thanks for inspiring me to read more! 🙂

Branden Schuler says:

Best book haul videos on YouTube. Also your super gorgeous 😍

it's over nerdthousand says:

henry the 16th

Ana Victoria says:

hi sasha i've been watching your videos and i really enjoy them because i love reading, and in one of them you mentioned you go to college and i was wondering what are yo studying? And i was also wondering what do publishers send you books for? thanks, i hope you answer

Baylee Silverwolf says:

"Like I said, very nice" I'm dying😂

Colette Green says:


Cecily Plum says:

Tudor facts: late 15th century to early 17th century (1485-1603). VII = seventh (ruled 1485-1509). VIII =eighth (1509-1547). Seventh could also be IIIX, but unlikely. Eighth is also sometimes IIX.

Denise Mendoza says:

I ♡ your necklace!

Almaha Alshamsi says:

have u read a thousand pieces of you

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