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Part 1 of this video: https://youtu.be/MjojjK9vJQg

Hello friends! Today we are again reacting to funny and hilarious reviews on goodreads and amazon! I hope you had a bit of a laugh with this video 🙂

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Cotenna says:

wanted to let you know that you have entered the comfort youtuber category for me

Fiz. says:

“*she* was a good *boy*”????😂

Sam’s Shelves says:

Why can I only like this once

Fallisdying says:

This is top tier entertainment

RichHeardThis says:

rather than read this rap, please remove my impacted molar. Seriously, actually it was pretty good.

Norman ORourke says:

Your so funny love this video

Ellie's Randomness says:

“Did you know: every day when you wake up, you can make a choice . . . to shut up”

this quote is gold

Eshadi says:

The Great Gatsby: a man going through a bad break up phase.

Kaitlyn.BookDragon says:


Christine Andersen says:

These are my favorite videos!

Sincerely, Sofia says:

Please please do a makeup tutorial your makeup is STUNNING…. anyway love your channel <3

sisyphus-wins says:

There's actually a documentary on competitive Scrabble called "Word Wars"! It's pretty good & I recommend it! 😁

apple face girl says:

"FETUS DELITUS" was the best thing lmao

Katerina Teaser says:

Please don't apologise for sponsored videos.. You get paid and you get to do these videos..

Lucie Kolářová says:

Honestly my one goal in life is to get featured on Goodreads Bizzare Reviews

NE Johnson says:

"We call that character development,"
Thats what i keep telling myself. 🤣

Najawin says:

Have you read McCarthy? Like, his lack of punctuation is some next level bad. (Obviously it's an intentional stylistic choice, and it works, given the stuff he writes, but, like, it's pretty distinct.)

Ronnie Lees says:

When u said u were THAT person and held up ur motorola … Im sitting here being like i too am that person, apparently 😂

What Kari Does says:

Omg I was waiting for the Peeta review to appear in this video because I found that review and sent it to the Twitter account. I’m so happy you included it, I think is hilarious 😂

Caro D says:

My favorite review I've ever seen on Goodreads was actually written by you, it's for A Gathering of Shadows – V.E. Schwab. The review goes as following: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

J.T. Scott says:

You’re welcome.

Jessica Miller says:

Lol wait someone explain the Peeta one

katharina m. says:

fetus deletus had me laughing more than i should

Petra Van Houtte says:

Your teacup cactus is everything

Francesca Ellis says:

this editing in this video is sooo good!!!

A Starless Reader says:

This is hilarious! 😂

A Cup of Nicole says:

LOL BERNI WAS FREAKING OUT she just wanted to let everyone know, she doesn't like to lie

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