Books I Want To Read BEFORE Watching The Upcoming Adaptations [CC]

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🍂Hiii! We are living in the time of book to movie/tv adaptations. There’s SO MANY and some of them I want to read the source material before watching the adaptation, so that’s what I’m talking about in this video. Feel free to leave any adaptation that I missed for a book you think I would like. Thanks for watching!

🍁BOOKS MENTIONED (affiliate links):
-The Eye of the World:
-Station Eleven:
-The Kingmaker/All The King’s Men:
-All the Light We Cannot See:
-The Changeling:
-Devil in the White City:
-A Wizard of Earthsea:
-The Inheritance Games:
-The Inheritance Trilogy:
-Seven Days In June:
-Three Body Problem:
-My Best Friend’s Exorcism:
-The School for Good and Evil:

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Jess Owens says:

Want FREE tickets to Japan? Use my code: JESSO10 and link: ​ to get 10% off your Bokksu subscription and automatically be entered in their giveaway! Anyone who subscribes before December 31st, even as a gift, will be eligible to win ✈️🥳

Aeris Yacalis says:

I have had those same feelings after what happened at that theater in CO.

RaspberryDevil says:

It's so interesting to see what's coming out, but also funny if it influences a tbr 😀

Station Eleven was not what I had expected, I didn't really like it but I feel like that's not the main opinion, so I hope you'll enjoy it! That being said, I imagine that it can work really well as an adaptation 🙂

I always forget about Pachinko, even though I want to read it. I thought there was a film already out for it though?

Sibia says:

I read Station Eleven in 2016 and had to put it down a couple times and take a lap. CW… pandemic related anxiety before I even knew what that truly was…I kept thinking THIS could happen! It's pretty good and I'm interested to see how the adaptation is.

One won't read the book, but will watch the adaptation for me is The Time Traveler's Wife. HBO Max is doing a mini series and it has the actress from Hill House and Midnight Mass.

justpepper says:

I gotta read The Dragon Reborn too? Amazon you are KILLING ME SLOWLY ☠☠☠

Rainy Jane says:

So I went to college in Laramie, and we drove down to Denver for movies all the time because at the time we didn't have a decent theater. A group of friends and I were supposed to go to the the midnight showing in Aurora for Batman, but we didn't want to shell out for a hotel and we really didn't want to drive the 3 hours back after the movie at like 3 in the morning, so we decided not to.

Girl, the number of panicked phone calls/voicemails I got from friends and family that morning. I wasn't there, I was totally fine, but that gave me hardcore anxiety about movie theaters for ages afterwards, and I am still very selective about when I go and where I sit. Totally feel you on that. Honestly, the covid dual-release schedule to streaming has been great for me because yes, it's expensive, but we have a decent setup at home and I don't have to worry about people or babies who cry or the jerk who sits behind you and puts his damn feet on the seat. It's made me even more selective about what I'm willing to pay to go see in a big dark room with a bunch of complete strangers and a thousand other variables outside my control.

Stephanie Bookish says:

The amount of tv subscriptions I have purchased I might as well have cable again, damn

Jessica Penhallow says:

I liked All The Lights We Cannot See I think it would make a good film, probably not enough plot for a TV show.

hipstamom says:

I'm gonna sound like a grumpy old lady but the movies are too expensive to deal with lots of people acting rude. My local theater has $5 Tuesdays and I love it.

Slanted Spines says:

I thiink The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q Sutanto, and Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi are getting adaptations and I’m excited about all those!

Robin Reads says:

Looks like I have a lot of reading to do 🥴 “only in theaters sounds like a threat” is the truth!

KevinTheWriter says:

AHHH Station Eleven is SO GOOOOOD! The Devil in the White City was…. not it for me haha. Took too many liberties considering it was supposed to be about a real life event.

the one with mo says:

If you ever read Pachinko, it would be so nice to see a reading vlog! Or just thoughts on it. I went through all the emotions reading that book 😭

maliana86 says:

I didn't know about any of these, except wheel of time😅

Yes! I love watching movies at home! Good tvs are more affordable all the time and sound as well, not to mention the snacks! Going to the theater as a young person was a good old time. But now it's too many people and too loud 😂

TheLibrarianofAlexandria says:

Jennifer e smith has many books being adapted. One being "the statistical probability of love at first sight" its finished filming. Think it will be on netflix next year.

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