BOOK TRAILER | The Other Side of Me – memoir of a bipolar mind

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“I despised the idea of seeing a doctor. Hated the thought of letting someone from the outside world into mine, allowing a stranger to see my weakness. I kept this part of me hidden from everyone except those closest to me – the people I was convinced would never “out” me, betray me, or leave me. I kept everything hidden behind closed doors. Until now. “

— In this unforgettable memoir, first-time author Julie Kraft takes readers on an intimate journey through her struggles and triumphs with bipolar disorder. No stone is left unturned. In baring her skeletons and soul, Julie offers a rare glimpse into a world that affects millions but is often misrepresented, feared, or hidden. It is Julie’s greatest hope that in sharing her story she will open minds, shatter stigma, and offer help to those walking a similar path.