Book Haul! What I've Been Reading Lately | Ingrid Nilsen

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Book nerds unite!

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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller
Inferno by Eileen Myles
Married Love by Marie Stopes
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
The Dream of a Common Language by Adrienne Rich
You Don’t Have to Like Me by Alida Nugent
What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton



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Emina Kh says:

Ingrid, would you consider making more regular content like this ? You were great in this video. It would be sending such a positive and crucial message to your young audience. Reading, studying and getting educated other that online and on social media is so crucial for so many different reasons

Jun L says:

Ummmm Ingrid’s dressed in blue and white, talking about books and reading. Is Ingrid secretly real life Belle?

Juliett Urban says:

Another cringy intersectional feminist lesbian, unsubbed.

cindy says:

Can you make these like every 3 months please! ❤️

Camilla Cloëtta Falkenberg says:

please do more of these!!

Karma21Girl says:

I loved this video- I’m always looking for book recommendations! Please make this a regular series!

Sarah Han says:

Can you please do more of book haul videos! Love love love it!
And maybe less of sponsored hair videos… 🙁 sad to see so much sponsorships in your channel now.

Christine Lewin says:

Yes, more of this type of video, please.

Meredith Payne says:

Please more books <3

Emily Simmons says:


Celeste Gobbi says:

Hi Ingrid! I've always been struggling with finding mixed representations in movies, books and even tv series and I found your recommendations really useful, especially "You don't have to like me"! I'm definitely going to read this book and I'll let you know what I think about it!
Excuse my English, as it is not my mothertongue. I hope that it sounds at least comprehensible!

Have a nice day, darling!

Anna Railton says:

My brain can't handle how much you look like Mandy Moore…

Saim+Am game says:

Please do more book haul

Toni Brown says:

You’re amazing! Thank you for your videos

Bee says:

Ingrid mentioned a small book that would make a great stocking stuffer on another video recently, but I can't find it. Does anyone remember where she mentioned it? Thank you!

Haley Thomas says:

Awww she looks like Maia Mitchell in this video. I love you two!

Colour my Creation says:

I have never enjoyed a video this much
I wish this video never ended
Ly ingrid so much

Ray Wallsten says:

more book haul videos! more more more! 🙂

Nomam Clark says:

Please do more of these. I really enjoyed hearing your take and your recommendations!

MakeupByAnosha says:

Please do more of these kind of videos 💗💗 I loved it

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