Book Haul | Booktuber Meet Up 2019

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Books mentioned:

Bingo Love by Tee Franklin, Jenn St-Onge and Joy San
Moonstruck Volume 1 by Grace Eillis and Shae Beagle
We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
Willa and Hesper by Amy Feltman
Always You, Edina by V G Lee
Fierce Femmes and Notirious Liars by Kai Cheng Thom
Cala by Laura Legge
The Amateurs by Liz Harmer
The Migration by Helen Marshall
The Cold is in her Bones by Peternelle Van Arsdale
The Fire Starters by Jan Carson
Out of the Woods by Luke Turner
The Witch by Ronald Hutton
Witch Light by Susan Fletcher
Wakenhurst by Michelle Paver

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