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Thank you so much to everyone who sent me letters and presents!! I love you all so much!!

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Book Mail: 2:30

Classics: 23:08

Middle Grade and YA: 31:41

Adult Literature: 35:21

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February Book: The Castle of Tangled Magic

March: Percy Jackson

April: The Secret Garden

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Song: All Night

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Abrianna Saini says:

giggle giggle that’s what she said omggg i laughed so hard😂😂

nana says:

I can't believe how genuine your smile and laughs are😍it made my day kinda.

michellaacc says:

You just earned my subscribe for your excitement alone!

Yarn Princess says:

Your laughing and giggling on here is the best!! You totally make me do the same thing!!😂💛 Thank you for making me smile every time I watch your videos!

Stephanie Kourtesis says:

Do you have a link for those Roald Dahl editions? I love them but can’t find them!

Cindy Peralta says:

Around 15:25 when you were mentioning your family passing due to covid, an orb passed by your hat. They were there with you💗

God's_daughter says:

The only reason I don't like watching your channel is you give me serious book envy 😭but please keep these book hauls coming, they're so nice to watch. Keep that positivity too!

Maddison Bigham says:

your voice is so bright! i love it thank you for making videos!

A place called Bookland says:

Ahh yess the chronicles of narniaaa❤️

A place called Bookland says:

Yes the trouble with perfect!! ❤️

Jane Justin says:

the blanket is so beautiful

Laura Humphreys says:

I'm a new subscriber and am having the best night shift watching all your videos <3 Hope you are well!

Gabriella Sivertsen says:

You should get the Ariel edition that have the poems in the order Sylvia Plath wanted them to be as specified in her last will, rather then then how her husband did, ignoring her wishes and even going so far as removing some poems =)

Karen_LizAnn says:

I adore the “Bette Davis eyes” song too. You’re so right when you say it’s a bop.

Nathan Milkie says:

Cute shirt. Love the off-the-shoulders look.

Jamar Berry says:

You’re personality is so cheerful and charming! I’ve just subscribed 😌

Faith Midnight says:

Girl, this video is making me want to finish writing my first book. I want to finish writing it so I can send copies to you and other booktubers for review.

When I finally finish my first book, would you like a copy of my debut book? It is currently a work in progress, publication date to be determined.

morgan thomson says:

Can’t believe I just found your channel! This made me so happy!!

Melissa Stephan says:

Elatsoe is so beautiful. Just absolute literary art

sanja arctica says:

I really like your videos, so awesome! but I must say this- that one part of your hair that you keep moving away from your eyes in almost every video is a little distracting

Charlee Walton says:

I absolutely love your energy, you are so lovely!!

Ashley Schnepf says:

Here for the first time and literally having THE BEST time!!! 😍

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