American Horror Story Coven Episode 3 Review – Fiona VS Madison

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American Horror Story Coven Episode 3 Review. Fiona kills Madison, Cordelia asks Marie Laveau for Baby help and Zoe takes Frankenstein Kyle home. ►

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kankerkaas says:

Incest & necrophila, nice one American Horror Story, never afraid to take risks.

paramoretony says:

Jessica Lange is my favorite too

Channel64 says:

I also hope nothing bad happens to Kyle. The actor always seems to get the parts that have major tragedies (Tate, being killed, Kit, being abducted by aliens, accused of murder, put in a asylum, getting castrated, then getting cancer and abducted again.)

Channel64 says:

I think Madison might get ressurected. I also feel like Kyle will kill someone really important (Not Zoe, he seems to get angry when away from Zoe) and I think Madame Laveau will be the new supreme.

infinitititan1 says:

Minotaur FTW!

Jackson says:

Jessica Lange Is The BEST!!!

M says:

I think that the butler guy is going to be important

Emergency Awesome says:

There's a ton of genre shows that I watch, but I can only do 6-8 videos a week right now so I have to pick the ones I like best. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

Emergency Awesome says:

You totally have to watch it. Season 2 might have been a little more terrifying, but this season is a lot more fun.


you have to watch the originals and THE vampire diaries


hey charlie is this showw scrayy cause i dont know what to do to watch it or not?

10luvinlife says:

She was racist towards LeVeau though in the previous episode. Hammers and nails?

Terra Adèle says:

this ep was so dark. Pore baby frankenstein got molested.

Marco Timmer says:

For me, definetly the red wedding

Marco Timmer says:

High five for your Show. What about doing previews for Person of Interest? Greets from Germany

Jay says:

the second time you "threw up" idk if it was racist or predigest lol now im an asshole but i dont find any reason to get sick i was just hoping she wasnt killed because i like her power. although throwing up doesnt seem appropriate for either situation the first one was more funny i just wanna see that bull get that all racist white lady and see if the writers are creative enough to give her what she deserves death is way to easy haha

MacKenzie says:

I literally threw up in my mouth multiple times… Gross.

Nur La grande says:

So when Fiona said "there's nothing I hate more than I racist" I was like…respect. But when that bitch killed super extra amazingly hawt Emma Roberts I was just like…bitch,oh no you didn't!! Soo sad Madison was my fav character:((

polarmayden says:

"This Coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug." LINE OF THE YEAR!!!

Emergency Awesome says:

She's still kind of a passive character, so I right now I think raising the dead is her big moment of the season. Pending further left turns.

Falrok Lakro says:

So apparently the hand that comes out from the grave is black,so it's not Madison but I'm hoping she gets resurrected somehow :/ …

Sora Snow says:

So far I'm very disappointed this season.

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