American Horror Story Coven Episode 1 Review – Hogwarts School Of Bitchcraft

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American Horror Story Coven Episode 1 Review. Hogwarts School of Bitchcraft. Jessica Lange brings back Kathy Bates and Zoe sex kills. ►

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Deany D Arton says:

where can I see this show I have been looking every where please let me know how I can see it I live and hour from New Orleans and am into films like this so if anyone can help me ?

Maria Heranandez-Perez says:

I love Zoe and madame malori and quennie

Papa Woody says:

Obviously, it was bonkers! 😜

eddie d says:

why no freak show review?

Tony Bernardo says:

Delphine is not a witch lol

Victor Dominguez says:

That was just Bonkers

Nicole van Zyl says:

where can i watch the show if i can't see it on tv ? 🙂 xx

FullThrotle speedking says:

i can't way to see this season i been searching for online but can't seem to find it .. does anyone know of a great website to watch it ??

Jessica Rose says:

how the hell do i watch this seasonnnnn!!!

R WW says:

Where can i see this online, it seems like a great show.

Laura L. says:

Bonkers is a good word for this show.

St. T.W.O says:

I actually like AHS kinda thing 'cause when the storyline doesn't continue on the next season it's so much easier to follow and you keep your interest up for that. 

Resden Harris says:

Zoe's power is black widow also known as killer vagina

M says:

When they showed the scene in the beginning with Taissa Farmiga, I was totally thinking of Rogue from X-men too.

Jay says:

i hate the word bonkers lol i would share you if not for that

Darius Y says:

Some things you say are inaccurate Kathy bates was never a witch she was tricked by Angela Bassett into drinking a potion that makes her live forever sorta a twisted punishment

alissa ramirez says:

necromancers bring the dead back and can see and talk to the dead so the opposite would basically be a grim reaper type power which isn't quite spot on since all reapers must do to kill a person is touch them or have the clean swipe of a scythe which she does neither (she must have sex w/ them for them to die if that weren't the case her boyfriend from the beginning when she first stumbled upon her powers would have died during their makeout session as would have many others since birth im sure)

alissa ramirez says:

im assuming vagina since "kyle" didn't die (right after….. whats her name…. touched him nor did her boyfriend in the very, very, beginning of the first episode when they were making out…)

alissa ramirez says:

ehhh its not too bad…doesn't quite have as many immediate twists and turns as the first two seasons but….. hasn't come along too bad…thus far….im itching to see what police are going to say when they find whats her face (or rather faceless….) with a confirmed dead boys finger prints on the murder weapon…. but maybe that's just me…

alissa ramirez says:

ehhh kinda sorta she fucks people than they die :/ so…ya….

sleepypoodle says:

When she has sex with someone, it causes them to have a massive cerebral aneurysm which ruptures resulting in a fatal intracranial haemorrhage and they bleed through their ears, nose and eyes, which doesn't usually happen with a cerebral haemorrhage, one would usually have a blinding headache followed by slurred speech, partial paralysis and progressive loss of consciousness followed by death…but I suppose bleeding from every facial orifice adds to the drama.

sleepypoodle says:

I had a feeling that bringing Evan Peters back would involves something pretty gruesome, but goodness me, that was absolutely repulsive and far worse than I could have imagined, and I'm a very creative thinker.
Charlie, I don't know how you managed that speech without passing out! You give me air hunger just listening to you, just relax, pace yourself and remember to breathe, you sound so frantic, PLEASE slow down,there's nothing more appealing than a soothing, relaxing, calming voice, honestly.

giavannira says:

I LOVE SEASON 1 and LOVE SEASON 2 EVEN MORE!! And I COULDN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 TO START .. But after the first two episodes of coven I'm SOO disappointed 🙁 it's no where near as good as the first two seasons SOO hopefully this season will pick up .. But as of now this season isn't very good at all..

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