50 books everyone should read *fiction*

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Hannah Essex says:

I've read a good few of these and thought they were excellent but there are plenty I haven't read. I particularly like political fiction so I'm now excited to read Home Fire, We and Harvest, so thank you for this list.

Saniya Aggarwal says:

okay but can we talk about how jacks eyes look with those glasses lmao

DellDreamer says:

Very unbalanced list. There are so many great books published in the east & the other parts of the world, and some of them have fantastic English translations. What kind of education did you get from your degree? The western-centric one for sure.

Jenna C. says:

Isn't it convenient that just yesterday, when I watched this video, I found The Grapes of Wrath in one of these public free bookshelfes? 😀

Akshat Gupta says:

Ok why isn't the Percy Jackson in this list? Like, come onn!!!

Mrve says:

I've only read 10 of them 🙃

Jonley Calinaw says:

When I was in 10th grade, we were tasked to read any book from our Economics teacher's list. I chose The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I didn't have a physical copy of the book and I didn't bother pirating it as ebook because I would rather read in a physical book. For some very very fortunate happenstance, I found the last copy of this book in a nearby bookstore, and it's in a box set of 3 Hosseini books namely The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and And The Mountains Echoed. I remember hiding it in a very inconspicuous place because I didnt have enough money when I first found it. Im still very grateful to this day, having read the books, for finding that last gem in the bookstore. The Kite Runner was the story that broke me and then built me again in a different way. A Thousand Splendid Suns was the first time I bawled out on a book, it was a story of suffering and how the treatment of women could be made better in some places. And The Mountains Echoed is an anthology book that tells the stories of various characters who are to some degree related to each other. The general theme that binds these books together is redemption in one form or another.

Aaron Janusch says:

The Razor's Edge is a must read!

Locutus D'Borg says:

I think Rambo started as a book. Made me cry.

Top Bong says:

Where is Crime and Punishment??

ashee says:

I've read 9/50 books in these and already have 9 others in my reading list so I guess I'm getting there

Blah Smith says:

42 to go 🦐

adnane hatim says:

I was expecting things fall apart in postcolonial text. I felt disappointed

Jonathan Okon says:

Ugh jack is adorable x

Shruti says:

I'm so proud I've read 10/50 :")

Qureshi Owais says:

Any fast pace entertaining…. Please

bobbybillytommy 456 says:

2/50 both of which I've read in school- to kill a mockingbird, and wonder, lol perhaps as I grow I'll read more on the list


Read more than 10 of them already ☺️hunnn guess I'm good now

Jean Ohannessian says:

The Heart of Darkness is about seeing Africa through the eyes of Europeans.
Things Fall Apart is about seeing Africa through the eyes of Africans.

Ayesha says:

I've read 3/50 of these books, and that only because I read them in school . . .

Sentisuba Aier says:

I think he completed his English literature degree. He never mentions it in his channel 😁😂

Kharanshu Sharma says:

I love how short and crisp your video is!

M&M Motives says:

You are gonna love this one…..while you are relaxing, READ: Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity By Mateu Nonyane…available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT. Thank you in advance.

Meri Jane says:

I just read Americanah and i was crying like a baby towards the end. It does go into romance quite a bit so if you aren't into that thing it may not be the best for you but it also goes into the perspective of being a foreigner in both America and in England, being Nigerian, experiencing racism, and experiencing feelings of regret, jealousy, mental health issues etc etc. It's so we'll written and I couldn't recommend it more!

honey vibes says:

bruh i remember reading Robinson Crusoe when i was like 9 years old and it was such amazing book

Éléonore Emond says:

so many of these books i read for school and can't remember anything about the plot

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