2021 Bookshelf Tour [CC]

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2:01-Bookshelf Tour

7:36-Wide shot of entire bookshelf


Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

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James McCullough says:

Cool to see Shadow Divers by Kurson on your shelf. He's probably my favorite dramatized/non-fiction author working right now.




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Gandalf the Grey says:

I know other people don’t, but I LOVE bookshelf tours. Every video I’m just thinking “what books are all on those shelves.”

Nguyễn Mỹ Anh says:

Your book shelves are so pretty 🥺

Rachel Glickler says:

I watched with bated breath, hoping to see my first novel on your shelf of books you kept. One day, maybe. Your bookshelf is far prettier than mine and definitely better organized!

Oskar Hultén Lycke says:

That’s not exactly a small tbr 😂😂😂

kevin myles says:

I am new to the habit of reading. Recently, I decided to become a life-long reader. Over the 26 years of my life so far; many times I recalled people talking about books they read and how interesting they were. To be honest, I did not fully understand how being a reader could be enjoyable. I hope I did not just enraged many habitual readers out there. Growing up, I had difficulty reading. I would avoid reading in public because I was embarrassed. You could imagine how this affected me in school. Students who are passionate readers often do well academically. Not only could I not read well, but writing skills and grammar skill were not fully developed. I only excelled in mathematics. Oh how I love this subject. I found it to be easy. This probably explains why I chose to study mathematics in college. At the age of 14 I recalled having to read in front of a large group of people and how I could barely pronounce the words on the page. How embarrassing. In this group of people was a a very educated man. He was a man who had read may book being a doctor. He told my mom that I must have been very brave in to read in front of many people the way I did. For 12 years I have been reading with this same group every Wednesday for an hour. My reading has improved greatly. I would be lying if I considered myself to be the best at doing so, but I am glad I am not a the reading speed I was 12 years ago. Currently I am reading the book titled Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau. I already read one of his books titled Canoeing in the Wilderness.

Adam Levin says:

I thought Jane Austen's black-and-white figure was Sister Knight from Watchmen, which says more about me than Merphy

Mike M says:

I really liked the shot at the end where we could see your The Pandorica Opens poster!

Sharifah H.A says:

truth is, i actually love books arranged according to your own liking…everyone has their own way of organization hehehe ..i dont..and by the way, will you read if i want to send you a book?

Dustin says:

Why no goodreads anymore? I heard storygraph is really good and you can import your goodreads data

onlyonemorechapter says:

Omg you have to tell me where did you get eh Arthur Conan Doyle books. I have almost all of them except the memoirs

l lawliet says:

0:47 tbr pile bigger than the total books i read 🙁

Sixteen yr old me …crying in the corner

Mike Coyne says:

It saddens me that your Harry Potter collection have been moved from front and center of your videos to randomly on the top shelf 👎🏻

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