The Walking Dead: Book 1 review & in depth look (Comic Book) Hard Cover

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The Walking Dead: A Continuing Story of Survival Horror, Book 1 Review and Look Through

The Walking Dead: Book 1. It contains the first 12 issues of the comics/graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman

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Brian H. says:

shotgun not rifle!!!

VEGA says:

can you review one volume, omnibus and compendium? I would like to know how those are to decide which one to buy
nice vid 🙂

FirstLTRipvanWinkle says:

Very nice video thanks!

Hunter Morgan says:

plezzzzz do more walking dead

Dario Monsta says:

Can you show the covers for the issues I don't know to either pick the volumes, books, or compendiums but I want the ones that have the covers for the issues.

Revy D. Yagami says:

Great review 🙂 I can't wait to get mine 😀

Um question, how many issues does the graphic novel have?

I love this format (it would be good for me with no spoilers cause I just got into the series but hey, it's your channel 😀 )
It would be awesome if you did them for each book 🙂

I'm subbed now 😉 I'd love to see more!

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