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The power by Rhonda Byrne is aptly named for it’s an extremely powerful book that can change your life. But how?
In this The Power reviews or discussion, I address the following:
1. A word on what kind of people may find this book a waste of time
2. How to use this book to fulfill your goals and desires?
3. Key points about The Power as a book and as a sequel to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Disclaimer: It’s not a sponsored video.

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My goal is to challenge myself as a reader, read different types of books and document my process, in order to help people discover more books and read more books.

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Adrianne Rena says:

Hi there, I want to know if Mofedest Miracle, will work for me? I see many people keep on talking about this popular manifesting and law of attraction techniques that created by popular motivator.

Judah Wanca says:

Its still shock me just how lots of people have no idea about Mofedest Miracle despite the fact that a lot of people learn the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I have know see some improvements in my life especially financially.

Jackson Amaral says:

cool. ive read the secret. now, i guess im gonna buy this other book.

Hansraj singh says:

Is this really working now also

abijith bs says:

Thank u mam

samp says:

U applied n it worked makes me read dis

Gourav Kumar Goswami says:

Please dont get me wrong but your beauty and cuteness are distracting me too much to listen to your review of this great book. ❤

Spåce Geëk says:

Let me tell you if you don't believe in this book… don't believe cause nobody is forcing you…if you don't want benefit yourself and live the life you want…then it's your choice then.. and I really loved your statement that you told in your video that those people who don't believe in this are really stupid and they really are!❤️❤️

Rajesh Sali says:

Very good explaining the summary….One thing I want to tell that you’re hairs are too beautiful..Thank you

Devendhar Deva says:

#PowerBook is super

Crypto MISHRA says:

U look beautiful

tejas ukalkar says:

I found this book amazing but I've one doubt does writer wants to convey that we should only Imagine, think, visualize and there's no need to take action and the thing you want will come to you?
P.s. = Its my genuine doubt

Heath Stanley says:

What is Mofedest Miracle? Does it work? I hear most people understand making a difference in their quality life with this popular self-development techniques that created by well known life coach.

Neha Jadhav says:

0:48 exactly!!!👍🧡

Marquis Harmon says:

Anybody know what is Mofedest Miracle about? I hear lots of people discover the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success with this popular law of attraction program that designed by famous life coach.

Michela Mangiaracina says:

That's such a good point about unlearning things and taking the book's author as your teacher and applying what they teach to your life.

Tushar Kumar says:

Don't buy from online if you by from outside at cheap rate

Prajyot Korgaonkar says:

This book made me start believing in myself …..

shravan says:

You…are one of worst explainer go n work on that ….nautanki jyada hai👎👎👎

17 Harleen Kaur says:

secret ka pta ni but u are well expressed😇

Mohan Ramnath says:

In the movie, The Secret", Jack Canfield says, your job is not to figure out the how – the HOW will show up. The hows are the domain of the Universe. A very simple example – you plant today some seeds in a soil. The soil is fertile and you water daily, you cannot expect the sprouts to show up tomorrow at your command. The sprouts will show up at THEIR time.
This point is elaborated in the above video at 41.33 to 41.57 minutes. This is what hit me like a ton of bricks 🙂
For those who give up and refuse to believe, the Universe says – "Your wish is my command"
If, "Your wish is my command" then it follows that the Universe is my Mind. You can see how powerful is the MIND !

Mohan Ramnath says:

Hello everyone and especially "Indian Booktuber"
Rhonda Byrne has nailed it. It was an instantaneous flash of understanding for me. Everything fell into place in my struggling mind. That was in the year 2005. Even those who disagree, are unwittingly following her precepts. For me it has been a seesaw struggle trying to absorb her precepts …. a sort of a struggle between my logical mind and Rhonda's ideas, A lot of good things happened, in the way she stated – A change of Feeling, is a change of destiny.
Thereafter I lost it, regained it, lost it and I am back to recovering what I lost. Its fabulous concept that is a part of your feelings. I have been listening to her works everyday. I am working again to be conscious of my feelings and not to go on auto-pilot. THIS is the key – to not go on auto-pilot.

Guri Saini says:

wht is the price of book?

Amaan Shah Official says:

This book is incredible ! 😊 I read its audiobook it's read by Rhona Byrne herself, it works for those who actually apply and read it with patience and belief. It worked for me. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is also awesome and life changing.

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