The Expanse – Season 4 Review – The Best Sci-Fi on TV Makes Its Return

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My review for season 4 of ‘The Expanse’.

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Abenkin says:

Season 4 onward is pure GARBAGE. 99% is just talking talking talking. Nothing at stake, beside an election and some slugs. No action, no payoff, no answer, no space battles, virtualy NO SPACE at all. Just a cheesy, boring, sleep inducing afternoon sitcom. Season 3 opened a whole universe and season 4 gave us 1 grey, desolate planet. The dull and useless dialogues go on and on and on and on. Then you think something big will happen, a war with Aliens that unite earth/mars/belter, a new proto-molecule, something, ANYTHING. But no. It’s just more talking. Biggest turd ever dropped on a fantastic franchise.

Barbie Blue 2 says:

Stop watching because constantly writers used f 💣 bombing!Even a monkey could do better than that!

i Darkby says:

Season 4 was as shallow as CW shows like The 100

MultiJamesman says:

Season 4 sucks because they went to an alien planet without respirators or any kind of protective gear and then it became a story about infection. You kind of have to take your stupid pills for this season and that should be the total opposite of what this show should be about.

Ken's Garage says:

Love the show.. love the books. I drive a semi and get to listen to the audios books over and over again

james Little says:

I like how Amazon Prime did the episodes in its entirety like Netflix… Because you get the experience to binge-watch this series in full during the pandemic instead waiting on the next few episodes!!!!

Mac Mcleod says:

I agree. Releasing it every day or every other day would build a lot more buzz for Amazon than releasing it all on the same day.

Clive Roberts says:

Mmmm dont ever call it new terra it will be always calle ilus. belters for life!

Tarka Jedi says:

SCFI made the dumbest decision in tv history!

Tarka Jedi says:

Easily the best show!!! Brilliant show!!! Amazon Prime got the deal of the century!!! The Expanse is the Trek of this century!!!

Jackson Estacado says:

People started to lose their accents through the season.

Alan says:

I don't think season 4 was on the same par as the previous 3 seasons. I enjoyed it, but it just didn't have the sense of risk the other seasons had, and we aren't given time to care about certain characters, such as Lucia and her daughter, so their whole plot section felt contrived and useless. It looked amazing, but too much plot armor and nonsense. At least we didn't have to deal with the incredibly annoying and horribly written Reverend character from season 3.

Deborah M. says:

Started the series all over again!!! Loving it – again!!

Mars S says:

I'm sorry to say it because I really enjoyed the first three seasons but this season sucked the big felota. OMG. Naomi was acting like a ninny. The belter woman who blew up the landing pad…she grew up in space but doesn't seem to know anything about it. Why have Ashford there at all? The guy lost his marbles so why would the inners employ him? The subplot with Avasarala getting elected was inane. And the wokeness. So very precious.

Otterly Alex says:

Lots of emotional filler with trained military/RCE/space pirates/belters being crazy emotional and doing stupid things. Most importantly, Ashford should've taken the shot on Marco Inaros if he knew they were going to kill him anyways… like wtf? Scene could've been much better. I give 7/10

ObSiDiAn17 says:

Oh Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie…I love this series so much…it saddens me that I discovered the series before the books 🙁

olstar18 says:

What I really hope is that they decide to release it on blue ray. Sure I could get the digital version but I would rather have a hard copy that I can keep and 30 years from now watch even if amazon is gone.

Fede Devi says:

Hi, it's scott man.. oh wait.

Kelley M says:

Season 4 was a bit disappointing. They swapped the action for drama and the political intrigue for an election. I thought the best story line was that of Drummer and Ashford.

Teddy Salad says:

Sorry about Ashford. His death made no sense. A bit disappointed in 4, but it is the best Scifi.

steve9007 says:

millers not done. he only turned off 1 planet. he can pop up later

bitbandita says:

At least1/3 of the book was omitted. Havelock's storyline completely missing but it would have been the most spectacular parts of the season 4. The first season still is my favorite.

Kim Reading Baker Vidas Davey Irvin says:

but … is it really miller's send off? from the planet, yeah, sure, but the protomolecule isn't inert in the rest of the universe. it's still "alive" in the rings themselves, and at least a few (if not most) of the systems beyond them.

ghost of dubs says:

Just finished the series. Really amazing. That 3rd season was absolutely awesome. MILLER, where the hell have you been . Loved it everytime

TheRussianLondoner says:

Completely agree about the season 4 release fragmentation for a wider discussion opportunity and stimulation of the greatness of THE EXPANSE

Eric Stodolnik says:

And I totally agree… one of THE BEST aspects of this series and the books is how the authors were able to make everybody have a motive that the reader/viewer can at least understand, if not agree with… there are no villains that are evil just for evil’s sake or because they hate their enemy or want to cause chaos just because they are “bad guys”…

Even the worst “bad guys” of the series… Jules-Pierre Mao, Errinwright, Nguyen, Marcos Inaros, even that bastard Duarte!… Hell!… even the fucking protomolecule itself!… They all have motives that are merely looking to benefit their own side of these conflicts… not a single one is just a villian like in Marvel comics and movies… they are fully-fleshed-out characters that make them feel more real and more human than just some bad guy who is trying to kill because they’re purely evil. It really is a huge part of what makes this series and the writers, Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, so Goddamn brilliant!

Eric Stodolnik says:

Also, I’m surprised to hear you say that Cibola Burn was your least favorite book… I loved the book! Although I have to say that it’s be really hard for me to pick which book would be my least favorite since I love them all.

Eric Stodolnik says:

One of the greatest Sci-Fi sagas of the last decade??? More like THE best Sci-Fi saga of the last half century… the best Sci-Fi saga since Larry Niven’s Known Space/Ringworld/Fleet of Worlds Universe and Ender’s Game series.

(The Ender’s series is great, but FUCK Orson Scott Card… never has there been a bigger piece of green-alien-shit in the whole of Science Fiction!… right-wing, bible-thumping, homophobic bastard! It makes me wish the Ender’s series wasn’t as good as it was… luckily I can separate the art from the artist.)

Leon Esterhuizen says:

I managed to borrow the first two books but im a bit hesitant and daunted to start reading them. I like the idea of getting more from a book and boy do I want more Expanse now. Finished the last episode on Saturday.

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