The Dead Zone by Stephen King Review

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I review a classic King novel.

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Sam Loomis says:

This really is King's best work in my honest opinion.

Donald Mcauliffe says:

This was the first steven king. Book l read in 1976 the dead zone

B Lake says:

voice crack at 513 ☻

Nathan Beer says:

The Dead Zone is the only Stephen King book that I forced myself to read.

UncleRabbit1 says:

When I read The Dead Zone the thing that I thought that Stephen King did that was brilliant was writing what was going on in the lives of those who mattered to the main character most; his parents (as if they weren't having enough problems with his mother's issues being involved with that destructive cult) and his girlfriend Sarah during those four and a half years that he was in the coma. That was brilliant because it made you care about the main character Johnny Smith more than you would have had he not included that segment; you felt those four and a half years pass as you were in lockstep with his parents debating whether to keep him on life support or take him off of life support; you were in concordance with his girlfriend as to whether to wait for him to wake up to marry him or to give up and marry that lawyer; and when he finally does wake up you breathe a sigh of relief but it's only bittersweet not only because you were badly hurt because his girl turned his back on him OUCH! but because you don't know how he's going to turn out. The girl marrying the lawyer is what really made the novel and gave the character more meaning.

Dennis Giles jnr says:

Why I Otta..

baldbookgeek says:

loved the tv show hated the book

Sebastian Santos says:

read slaughter house five

Christina Avilez says:

You should really check out The Shadowkeeper Series by Jas T. Ward. Her newest book, Lust, has recently been hailed as the new standard for paranormal and dark romance. If you'd like to start with the first novel in the series, which I think you'd love, is Madness. You won't regret it!

KisBii says:

Please do a review on Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Keijon Ford says:

Could you read midnight by dean koontz

Matthew Payne says:

Could You review Firestarter by Stephen King?

Byron MacGreggor says:

I'm surprised that anybody could forget that the main character's name is John Smith.

Zeeshan Hussain says:

Could you do a review of the shadow of the wind by carlos ruiz zafon?

Prasun Karmakar says:

Please do a review of Mr. Mercedes by stephen king when it relases!!!

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