The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein Book Review | Kiersten White

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Today I have a book review for you! The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein By Kiersten White releases September 25, 2018 and I loved it! This is a retelling of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Link to the book below!

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White:

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Patty Wood says:

200th anniversary! 😍 And still so relevant. #GIRLBOSS

carolinereads says:

I just finished this and think its a great homage to the original Frankenstein. I read it in college in a World Literature class and did my research paper on the original book. I adore the original! This was such a good, dare I say, companion in a way some 200 years later. Elizabeth was such a great protagonist and to see Victor in his madness wow! I will recommend this book to everyone! I really liked your review!

Steven Harris says:

Subbed. Review Maximum Ride!

Steven Harris says:

I never knew a woman wrote Frankenstein. I never read it because I seen way to many adaptations.

Jen Besser says:

Good call on reading Frankenstein first. I hadn’t ever read it (not sure how I missed it in high school 🤔). Definitely a much richer read of Dark Descent having read the original. I really did up the 200th anniversary by reading both books last week AND getting to hear Kiersten White at Twin Cities Book Festival last Saturday and get my book signed! AND saw the play Frankenstein: Playing with Fire at the Guthrie on Sunday. Phew! Now I’m ready for something a little lighter.

My thoughts on Frankenstein: I had avoided it my whole adult life because I thought it was a horror book and those scare me. And, yes, it probably is classified that way but my takeaway is that it is an amazingly descriptive treatise on anxiety and depression. So, after reading that, I had an eye on the mental health aspect with Dark Descent. I am really pleased with how the characters were developed and enjoyed being able to see the other side. Kiersten White does a wonderful job navigating mental health and creating a very relatable main character.

Thanks for the review!

Kelly says:

This one left me underwhelmed. Her Conqueror Saga is great. I read it and also listened to the audio which was reeeeeeallllyyyyy good.

Liene's Library says:

I'm sooo hyped to read this – though I'm upset by how short it is cuz I know I'm gonna love it and I'm gonna want mooooooaaar
I feel like Kiersten keeps writing retellings of authentic source material that people aren't as familiar with as they are with the pop culture reinventions (Vlad the Impaler rather than Dracula, Frankenstein as Shelly wrote it rather than the Universal movie…)
AND I DARKEN!!!!! ack so good!

Keith Kizzie says:

Did I miss the part about why it is a "Dark Descent"?

rubytadpole says:

I remember really enjoying reading Frankenstein in high school and one of the movie adaptions (there’s one that follows the book more).
I’m hoping to read this in October.

The Other Christine That Reads says:

I definitely want to pick this up! I am glad you enjoyed it. I read Frankenstein this summer, so best to read it while it is still fresh on my mind 🙂

Fabulous Book Fiend says:

I just got Frankenstein on audiobook so maybe I'll read these in tandem since you recommend both!

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