Buy the Complete Edition of Bone: It may sound like hyperbole to claim a particular comic is the best. But I think there is enough critical and financial consensus to back up my claim. [More]
Check out Tiffany on the podcast every Thursday: Tiffany on Twitter: Schmoes on Twitter: This week we get the conclusion to one of the most eerie dark vampire tales with B.P.R.D. Vampire, [More]
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Not All Robots #2 Artists Writers & Artisans Inc Upshot #QuickFlip Comic Book Review #shorts In the year 2056, robots have replaced human beings in the workforce. An uneasy co-existence develops between the newly intelligent [More]
Not All Robots #1 Artists Writers & Artisans Inc Upshot #FullReview Comic Book Review #CodesGiveaway In the year 2056, robots have replaced human beings in the workforce. An uneasy co-existence develops between the newly intelligent [More]
Not All Robots #1 Artists Writers & Artisans Inc Upshot #QuickFlip Comic Book Review #CodesGiveaway #shorts In the year 2056, robots have replaced human beings in the workforce. An uneasy co-existence develops between the newly [More]
Batman and Sin City writer and artist Frank Miller talks retelling the story of Batman and breaking into the second wave of his career with the creation of Sin City. Subscribe to our channel: [More]
Pete and Justin review Uncanny X-Men #527, Ex-Machina #50 and Secret Avengers #4. Leave those questions and comments below!
This week was a light week for comic books, but we check out the new titles from Marvel, DC, Image, and Boom! Studios. Image comes out with the 4th issue of HAHA, Ultra Mega 2, [More]
We look back at the original run of Marvel’s “Dr. Strange” comic books by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in a movie adaptation which is scheduled for release on November 4th, [More]
Content: The great elseworld story by Kelly Jones besting Batman vs. Dracula Dur.: 1.35 min / Fanproject / IhKo Visualizer 2013 Elseworld story published by DC in 1991 Writer: Doug Moench Artist: Kelly Jones Music: [More]
The Boys talk Crossover from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, Not All Robots from Mark Russel and Mike Deodato Jr., the HEELS Trailer from Stephen Amel, an muc more. Please like, subscribe, and share! To [More]
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Cold War Comics specializes in pre-code comic books with a Cold War theme. This includes comics with art and stories about the Korean War and Cold War espionage. My goal is to better acquaint you [More]
Hellboy, is it the comic that simply should not be adapted? The current offering of movies may have you believe, along with the critical and fan reception. In todays editorial I will explore the Hellboy [More]
Trust? STARSCREAM? #Transformer #IDW #Bumblebee #Prowl #Starscream #Metalhawk #Ratbat #Autobots #Decepticons #ComicReveiw #Bizarrocritic
These are the stories with the potential to really light up the screen. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Comic Books that deserve their own live action television series [More]
Im Jahre 1897 verlieh Bram Stoker einer der einflussreichsten Figuren der Literaturgeschichte unheiliges Leben. Graf Dracula wurde zur Ikone, die Generationen von Künstlern aller Genres inspirierte. Mit Georges Bess widmet sich nun ein wahrer Meister [More]
Captain Logan reviews the TMNT movie adaptation, published in 1990. Join the Geekvolution at!
Captain Logan reviews the comic book movie adaptation of “Batman and Robin.” Because he’s a masochist. And it’s actually pretty interesting.
Thank you so much for watching my first ASMR video! If you have any requests for other videos, feel free to leave them in the comments. Here are some other places you can find me [More]
$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER!!! Comic & Statue Collection Tour! It took a while, but I finally upgraded my comic book room! It took a while to do the renovations to transform our wine cellar [More]
Comic reviews done quick! Today, Sweet Downfall #1 from Scout Comics gets the Sixty Second Review treatment! (WARNING: REVIEW MAY BE LONGER THAN 60 SECONDS) Sweet Downfall from Scout Comics Written and Art by [More]
20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to Boom! Comics’ superhero series Irredeemable. Read more here: ——————————­—- Follow IGN for more! ——————————­—- IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: [More]
Here are short reviews of three graphic novels: Bitch Planet Vol 1, Saga Vol 5 and Descender Vol 1, all pretty nifty science-fiction titles from Image Comics. MORE BOOKISH VIDEOS March 2016 Book Haul: [More]
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Jon D’Ortona Writes: What up AMC?! Your show is undoubtedly the coolest ever! I got a quick question. Do you think with all these new videogame movies in the works that we will be in [More]
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Fables, the cult hit comic from DC Comics and Vertigo, is finally getting a movie adaptation! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph discusses how Warner Brothers is creating a Fables comic book movie franchise with [More] – Brandon reviews the latest issue of Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.! Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #16 Written by: Matt Kindt Art by: Alberto Ponticelli and Wayne Faucher Cover by: Alberto Ponticelli and Wayne Faucher On Sale Date: [More]
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