Jeff Smith's Bone is the Best Fantasy Comic

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It may sound like hyperbole to claim a particular comic is the best. But I think there is enough critical and financial consensus to back up my claim. Bone is an accomplishment in both storytelling and self-publishing.

Following the three Bone cousins – Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone – as they are introduced to a magical world and its inhabitants including the enigmatic young woman Thorn, Bone blends both high fantasy and humor. This video argues what it does well and what makes it unique.

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sewerwater says:

Dude you are my favorite YouTuber

Daniel Scott says:

I intend to share it with my 6 year old Daughter. 100% comic literature

Seven7 1987 says:

9 Arcs, Prequel, Sequel Trilogy, Side Story, 25th Anniversary to end the OG story and a handbook is all what you get for Bone.

Sanjuan Wolf says:

I remember back when I was in elementary (I'm in highschool right now) I was a very terrible and troubled kid. I was constantly in trouble, and I felt alone at home due to everyone always working. But one day my guidance counselor introduced me to Bone, and boy did I love the story. The story was so good, that she had bought me all 9 volumes as a reward for good behavior. I really enjoyed it, and I no longer felt that I was alone, because just reading the book made me forget all about my problems and trouble. Now I'm on the right track, is an honors Student, and I'm doing really well in school. I've just completed my second year in criminal justice, and is starting on my third year in the course. This story really turned my life around for the better.

King Emerald says:

Slimey is described as being a good boy which is very contradictory because he's always seen smoking a cigar

FacelessAlex says:

My friends and I used to read these comics back in the 4th grade thanks to our school library. I miss my childhood

underdog1117 says:

Great book…

Kratosofwar 2016 says:

I fear no gods. I am kratos !


Well I had a good run. Gonna go jump in the flame of Olympus and pray he never finds me

Lewis Peterson says:

My middle school's library had the Bone series, and it was so popular that kids would be racing during library hour to be able to check out a Bone book

TheAyeAye1 says:

Bone was the last comic I followed. It was one of the most perfectly made things ever done.

Fear Monarch says:

Man this and Ed and Jims look at this inspired me to finally pick up and finish bone after loving it as a kid but only having the first couple volumes at the library to read

Now im just waiting on amazon to deliver the complete chunk

Nicole Read says:

This series means the world to my brother and myself. For years we wanted so badly for it to be made into a 2D animated series. I’m so glad that so many continue to read and enjoy it because it more than deserves it. The world building and lore is so interesting and I remember having so many feelings of terror and feeling small especially when they expired the old rat temples in the mountains. Absolutely incredible.

Gnarrcan says:

My dad had the complete series in a soft back and I devoured it as a kid. Years later I find out my dad has a bone no.1 first print signed by smith in like a 8.5 or 9

aachelabelaaron also says:

When just stating your title is enough…

ethan hatcher says:

It's amazing to me how many nods Smith made to Ohio, most only being able to be picked up locals like the author himself. It's everything, from locations like Old Man's Cave, Sinner's Rock and Flint Ridge, to the way the people of the upper Valley speak, to the woods themselves, which feel very much like the flora in the valleys of southern Ohio

Mark Burns says:

Really looking forward to reading it

Gage Fulmer says:

I didnt like the ending they just ran away from home then return like 2 years later its like they just went their to do some crap then leave i would have loved it if smiley lived in barrelhaven as a farmer with phoney owning the tavern along with wendell and euclid and fone as a kingdom advisor

Doge Wood says:

You ever think Jeff Smith was into Berserk, especially the Golden Age Arc run of the manga? Both started in the early 90's and had similar themes and atmosphere with regards to the story-line, characters and being varying shades of medieval Dark Fantasy. Both also had phenomenal and distinct artwork that was largely unprecedented at the time.
You know, I would be surprised if he hadn't now that I think of it…

James Ratman the Time Traveler says:

Haven’t read bone yet but I loved his run on Shazam will have to check it out

John Blake says:

I came across Bone a bit late in its run in the late 90s as a little kid

Gud Boah says:

This series popped into my head out of nowhere. I read this series back in middle school and god it gives me some nostalgia!

judgementer says:

i fuckin love these comics, i remember reading one of the extra books that had the cheese and bacon quiche recipe, i made it for my family on thanksgiving and everyone loved it, it tasted amazing

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