reacting to my first ever book haul!!

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have i read these books?? please click the links below!!!!!!!!!

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Angel Demon says:

So I also haul books ever since I was grade 4 and all I can say is that I am guilty of not reading some of those books. I just want to have the collection of those books and maybe just because I really don't have time anymore to read books especially because I have a lot of requirements to do however I do want to be able to read those books someday.

Halyke Tarrant says:

My favorite black booktuber is books by leynes, chech her out!
Also, you should totally read The book Thief. It’s just… unique. Unforgettable.

TheReadingWerewolf says:

Good job! 👏👏👏

Hannah J Cattanach says:

I think not reading the books I buy is what would give me a panic attack!

say yes to Islam says:

I recommend searching mufti menk or especially if you like literature search Nouman Ali Khan and here's another video which everyone is welcome to listen to and will InshAllah u like , have wonderful days InshAllah oh and don't worry nobody especially me is not offended it's all about sharing opinions right ?

HelloWorld says:

If you are still interested I would recommend "The case for Christ" which is not religion, it is history.
I know you said you're an atheist but maybe you will find it to be interesting.

catatan santri biasa says:

no one wants to see my channel …?☺

catatan santri biasa says:

Selamat menonton 🎉🎁🎉

Dorothea Herndl says:

Okay, I find your irrational fear of WW2 really interesting, because I'm from Austria and if you'd have fear of WW2 here, you literally could not go to school. I would say that it's probably the topic in school we talk about the most, just because it comes up so often and influenced a lot. In 8th grade we talk about it the entire second semester in history and the entire year almost in German class, where we'll read the Diary of Anne Frank and stuff like that, (some also read the book thief) and then in the second semester of 11th and entire year of 12th grade we talk about it in history class again and it also becomes subject in multiple other subjects like geography, english, and it even made its way into my sisters physics class. Every class also visits Mauthausen at one point during school, if not multiple times. Even when we're not currently discussing it in class we'll go to plays about it, so for us WW2 is such a big part of our lives I feel like. We're so used to it that it almost comes to an extend of being annoyed to hear about it. I too don't particularly enjoy reading books that take place during WW2, not because it scares me, but because it's around me ALL THE TIME.

Joana Genova says:

Please please please read the book thief. It’s amazing 😉

Lia says:

Being German it’s so funny every time I hear international people talk about books like Rubyred, surprises me every time🤣 also as a Christian it makes me so sad, that Youtubers are scared to talk about their beliefs and opinions, the whole appeal of online creators is this unique chance to learn about the point of view of others around the world! Making people censor their (non-harmful!!) beliefs is so disrespectful!

emily m says:

Recommendation: Blended by Sharon M. Draper. It was great. Would recommend to anyone.

Gene Hydes says:

Hello!Im 12 years old and today I have purchased 2 books about racial injustice by African-American authors and can I just say ,wow!the plot/ story line is AMAZING and its beautifully written !

Autumn of Pellinor says:

WWII as a phobia is an interesting one! My irrational fear is of anything that lives in water, which is surprisingly prevalent in the world I realised once I had developed this as a teen!! I have no clue where it came from haha. I've read a book about Octopuses which was really interesting but I tend to hide away from them so kudos for reading more about WWII in the past!

Reading & Retail says:

Omgosh I know I have 100’s of books that’s been on my bookshelf for years! Thank you for saying that.. I’m half black and half white and had no idea there was other black or of color booktubers! You are so sweet! I’m subbing to you bcz I like your personality 🥰

Iris Mogenier says:

Hii ! My name is Iris and I'm French. I just want to tell you that you speak very clearly and not so fast, so I understand what you say (by the way, I've really enjoyed your video). So thanks, and I will watch all of your other videos ❤️🤩 (sorry, I've probably done some mistakes)

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