Ranking Every Fantasy Series

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My ranking for every fantasy series I have even started. A lot of these are subject to change, but boy was this fun!

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Daniel Greene says:

What’s you’re tier list? Include every series you’ve even started.

This is the final video I’ll be collecting data for a future video going over all the fantasy data.


S tier for me is the inheritance cycle

Toblakai says:

No Malaz or Meekhan? Thats two S tiers right there…

Golf Nut says:

Recommendation… Dragonriders of Pern

Ron Noble says:

Need to read Thomas covenant the unbeliever!!! Stephen r. Donaldson! Epic

Micah Kafka says:

The Blade Itself was one of my most disappointing reads. It felt like an unnecessary prequel to another more interesting story. None of it was interesting enough to keep reading the series though.

Steven Flynn says:

76 here and my reading of fantasy goes back a long way. It's sad that none of those stood the test of time. Off hand the "Dragons of Pern" comes to mind. Over the decades my taste kept changing. Only read 5 on your list; which leaves me with quite a reading list. BTW Really enjoy your videos.

K Low says:

Shit biased reviews, so wrong on so so many novels. From someone reading Fantasy and alot more than you since before you were born……

Florian Böhm says:

Did you ever check out Glenn Cook „The Black Company Chronicles“ some oldschool grimdark mercenary Fantasy from the 80ies. Definitely in my all time top five.

Mark Johnson says:

Have u read chronicles of amber. My fav

Dr Tao says:

Have you read the Percy Jackson series?

colt seavers says:

Personally for me, I would switch Harry Potter with Stormlight.
I am reading HP for the very first time now, and am blown away by Rowling's writing in her seven book series. I gave up Stormlight after two books due to how dry the story telling was. And the books are way too bloated too; 1000 plus pages just for a Sanderlanch? To me they are just like overly long comic books with dry humor and prose. And in my opinion, that can not hold up to the test of time after it's newness wears off, while Harry Potter probably will.

Jason J says:

Where do u stand on the Night Angel Trilogy. I loved the 1st book all the way towards the end than gave up

T A says:

Abercrombie loses his magic after the first law trilogy.
The following books and series are not bad but meeeehhh…
As for Ice and Fire I have no time for GR Martin anymore.I started GOT in 1999 and I've had to read the series several times over these last 20 years so I can keep up with slow ass writing. Since he pocketed that HBO cheque, the guy no longer gives 2 shits about his readers. Fuck him.

Ruud van Boxel says:

Ever started with the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the unbeliever?

Tyler MacDermott says:

First full Daniel Green video I've watched. I got to say, he knows his fantasy. I would have bumped Dresden up to A, but that's it. Subscribing for sure.

8rhi says:

Mistborn, Wheel of Time and The Witcher hands down all time faves 😍

Jon Summers says:

Similar tastes, actually read all of your S tier series. I revisit Joe Abercrombie's series all the time in audiobook format. Also RJ's WOT ahead of the TV series coming out this year. The cast sits a bit awkward with me but I hope they have done a good job of it!

folkert de jong says:

Can I just say: a lot of white-men writers? With exception of Jemisin and Earthsea.

Doctor Strange says:

the dark tower is the reverse for me
i liked it
and then the second one was the same
then the third is just starting to get silly and worst
the whole train plot was horrible
i stopped reading lol

Snedden Gonsalves says:

first law series is the best fantasy I have read , not just because of the awesome characters but it also has a great plot which is compact enough for three books and doesn't feel rushed based on how broad the world is .

The Words of king series is dang good too but I would put it in A as for me its too romantic and centered around the three characters a little too much. we all know Kaladin is gonna save everybody in the end and things keep happening around the main characters which are annoyingly convenient for them and their character development. Also the banter in the series is pretty weak sometimes cringe even

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