Tier Ranking EVERY YA Fantasy I've Ever Read // Fantasy Book Recommendations

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In this video, I tier rank every fantasy Young Adult book that I’ve ever read! I ranked over 30+ YA fantasy books to tell you the best fantasy book recommendations. I read over 30+ YA fantasy novels and ranked them from best to worst to determine the best fantasy novel and the worst fantasy novel. These are great fantasy book recommendations for summer reading and good recommendations for YA books.

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Hey guys! My name is Lauren and welcome to Fashionably Bookish! This is my little world of nerdiness and I hope you’ll join in the fun. I make book rants, book reviews, book talks, book hauls, and more about Young Adult novels.


MrVlandus says:

I was wondering if you would be able to review my Book, Ivar: Blood and Steel?

ava says:

Cool to see Sorcery of Thorns mentioned ! And Magnus Chase 😀 not my favorite Rick Riordon book series, but it definitely has a special place in my heart. I love PJO and HoO a lot too 💖

Riley rampage says:

I would suggest reading “ The Throne Of A Witch. “ by forgotten_or_lost ! It’s still ongoing! It’s a fantasy story with what seemed to be a Enemies to lovers transition happening 😏 but over all it’s really good! SO READ IT [ it’s on wattpad btw! ]

Vishmi Dharmasiri says:

Lord of the Rings is not YA.

trailorboi :/ says:

Glad I decided to get the first two books of the TOG series 🤠

Simply Avocado VA says:

I open this video, and I see a Percy Jackson book at the bottom

You know I'm going to watch this
Edit: I was getting a little offended when you put Percy Jackson in the okay teir but you definitely made up for it with putting the Heroes Of Olympus in great and we share the same opinion about Magnus Chase soooo

kitanau says:

shadow and bone had so much potential and then the second book happened :/

Laila Samaai says:

Here are all top 2 tier books she mentioned.

1. The darker shade of magic
Infernal devices
Dark artifice
Six of crows
Throne of glass

2 A court of thorns and Rose's
Cruel prince
Daughter of smoke and bone
Sorcery of thorns
The last heroes

You're welcome 🙂


Can I have a list of the books in this video

Chas X says:

These listings need written lists in the Description? No one can keep up with the speed of the dialogue (and the accent) .
The only thing I could decipher was Lord of the Rings and she stuffed in the bin!!!!??

Lilly Rose says:

The cruel prince !!!!🥵😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

pessimistic unicorn says:

Ummm what? Apparently you don’t even know what YA is… You seriously put Throne of Glass on the highest and LOTR down there? It’s not even YA. A darker Shade of Magic and The Bear and the Nightingale is also not YA

Epic Reads says:

Love your straight up honesty! ♥♥

Megan Stewart says:


Mirey Taite says:

Are you a fan of any Jennifer L. Armentrout or Becca Fitzpatrick books?

Harshita Arora says:

I totally agree with you! LOTR sucks.. It's too overrated, but that's probably because back when it was written, there were not many books of that kind

bcunni says:

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maya lore says:

Thanks for the recommendations
I love it
Also do you mind checking out my channel. Thanks

Hanna L says:

this gave me so many great recommendations, thank you!

Chocolatiey Boo says:

I LOVE CLOCKWORK ANGEL, SHADOW & BONE, CRUEL PRINCE, SIX OF CROWS. Acotar was a big MEH. Afraid to start ToG bc I didn't like the author's style.

Fiyinfoluwa Obayan says:

Do you do book reviews for authors?!

FictionalFangirl says:

i AGREE about LOTR. Couldn't make it through a single book. BUT I LOVE the movies. I finally watched them last year. I love the movies so much.

Keith says:

I LOVED ACOTAR AND THRONE OF GLASS. But I hated (but completed) the grisha series. I could not even finish the mistborn because I found it so boring and now I'm afraid to read 6 of crows because Mrs.burdugo is not my favorite author

elenathegreat says:

I love how HOO raises the stakes of PJ and since I aged as the books came out it was so cool to be around the age of the characters when the were released

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