Poirot Mysteries 3: Poirot Investigates Book Review | Agatha Christie Books

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Are you an Agatha Christie fan? If yes, then check out this spoiler-free review of Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie.

It’s a collection of short stories, a few of Poirot’s cases & I discuss whether this one is worth reading or not in this video!

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Sameer Rajakumar says:

If I were to start reading Agatha Christie books what would u recommend I read first of her books 📚?

Jobsfor Nitin says:

Tell you one thing, truly.
Whenever I start reading books, after just 3-4 pages I got sleep, everytime.
Any suggestions.

Chhayank says:

How can someone make this channel on reading book, my goodness , she's inspiring me to do study ! By the way she's such a nerd😑

Akash Yadav says:

कृपया किसी हिन्दी जासूसी उपन्यास की समीक्षा कीजिए।

Nivan Braganza says:

I love these reviews!
Dont stop making Agatha Christie review vidoes!!!!!

salman abbas says:

Aap agle 4 saal bhi videos banati rahogi na phir bhi 1 lac subscriber nahi kar paogi. Because apka tarika galat hai.

FB rapid reviews says:

Thanks for the honest book review and sharing the novel we should not read ! 😁😁😁

Imaginative Bibliophile says:

Manpreet Didi, I have read Agatha Christie’s novels, And Then There Were None and The Murder on the Orient Express and a few of her short stories. I will read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd next. I will read Poirot Investigates after I have read most of her novels. Your review was so entrancing. I love you

Rakteem Bora says:

Mam , whats the rate of your charges regarding your reviews .

Reader Buddy says:

Amazing 🥰

shaloo walia says:

I liked your honest opinion. I think Agatha Christie has set such a high benchmark and we have so high expectations from her. Till now I have loved all the Agatha Christie books I have read.

vishal jha says:

Try A Murder is Announced, the Last AC book that I read and Liked…

Shubhangi says:

The video was awesome Manpreet. Thank u for bringing to us these videos. U made me fall hook, line and sinker for books. Before u made this profound change I literally hated books. Keep bringing this awesome videos to us, a very big thank u. I am really gratefull of u. I am really impressed. Keep up the good work Manpreet! Your presence is valued a lot by your fans…..!

rahul soni says:

Amazing video…

vegeta sama says:

Thanks for making this review spoiler proof
Nice work Manpreet👍👍👍

Indian book says:

I just read 1 book of Agatha Christie ' murder on the oareant express ' and I love that ❤️😊love from Gujarat… LOT'S OF LOVE ❤️

Nidhi 2611 says:

Have you read the girl with pearl earring?

Mr. Observer says:

I am damn too confuse which one is my favorite: George R.R. Martin or Stephen King or Agatha Christie. 😅😅😅

Mr. Observer says:

I basically love Christie's portraying of Hercule Poirot's character. He is just so AMAZING!!!

Arvind Kumar Pareek says:

Can you make a video on Indian novels which have won international awards like manbooker etc.

Susweta Biswas says:

It was such a comprehensive review <3 Eagerly waiting for the rest!

Souman Parui says:

I started reading Agatha Christie with the book 📚 Murder of Roger Ackyord…..

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