Ordinary Light by Tracy K. Smith (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Ordinary Light by Tracy K. Smith, a memoir of grief.

More grief memoirs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUMxkOTS9WyGu4IIJF7oGRGEp7mipa_Dv

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The Wordy Woodstock says:

I've seen a trend with the unique/highbrow/quality Booktubers, like Conrad from 7 Days at Sea and Barry from Bazpierce, to name a few. They go on a very extended hiatus (months and years), then make a comeback. The channel is overhauled and may go in a different direction, with new ideas and a promise to keep going and the quality still remains. Then shortly, the person suddenly permanently quits and everything is dissolved. I hope this isn't the case with Ashley and Climb The Stacks, but I am thankful that she is keeping all her content still up.

Paul Macdonald says:

why you no more make vids?

nogingerfool says:

where have you gone , comeback please , peace x

trombone7 says:

I thought, "College, Grief, and Ordinary Light" was a book title.

Aquatic Soft Parade says:

Please start making videos again

Atom Isum says:

Where'd ya go😔

Corinna K. says:

Pleeeeease come back! we miss you 😢

misterjerkface says:

I keep checking every few months to make sure I’m still subscribed because I miss your content. I greatly enjoy your in-depth reviews, especially based on (mostly) classics, my go-to genre. Such a refreshing channel in today’s booktube! I hope you’re doing well and that you’re reading to your heart’s content!

Randy Dias says:

I wish you would return. Your content is just astounding.

고유진 says:

When will you be updating your channel? Just wondering..

Rahul Tamang says:

Hey I like your video' s and you impact a grate influence on me as a young reader .
Also I love you 🙂

William Kraemer says:

Another great review by climbthestacks.

Keith Burgoyne says:

I really enjoy these videos. Hope things are well.

misterjerkface says:

I hope you’re doing well! I always look forward to your videos and taking part in conversations (in my own head) regarding your topics. Very insightful and incredibly well rounded reviews.

Joshua Logan says:

Been awhile. Are you still making videos?


Good morning Ashly, I have been following your videos for a while and now I really need your help please get me your gmail contact kind regards Hamid

Big Hard Books & Classics says:

I forgot if Id asked you or if mentioned it but I'm trying to organize a Dubliners read-through in March and I'm first asking several people (e.g., you, DaneReads, Alex at Bigalbooks, The_BookChemist, Brian at Bookish, Paper Bird, et al.) to chose a story or two and make a contributing video. What'd'ya say, mate? Hope you can join in. –Allen 🍀

Joshua Logan says:

I miss the wave at the end 🙁

Jhenifer Souza says:

your channel is wonderful, I love your book indications and I hope to see you more often here. If you can do a Q & A about yourself and your readings, I'd love to get to know you better.
If you can put the subtitle in English because I'm from Brazil, thank you very much.

Darren Campbell says:

I love your channel, It’s inspired me to read more and I’m really enjoying it!!

Jonathan's Library of Tomes says:

Also, I have memoir/autobiography to suggest to you, This is just my face try not to Stare- by Gabourey Sibdey. It was a great read over the summer. She is the woman from the television show Empire and actress on the movie precious. I don't know if u read it but I hope you like it.

Pamela in Print says:

Tracy's book got my attention when you mentioned the part on having to feel censored. I have the same sentiment with my parents. Funnily too, I was just listening to a podcast called Slate's Audio Bookclub before this, and they mention about whites having that one black friend and saying "oh you're not like them." Haha. I think they were discussing the Underground Railroad then. Great video as always!

A P. says:

I’ve been wanting to read this!

Jonathan's Library of Tomes says:

How is is your masters degree of library science going, so far? I looked for your video about it and it is gone.

Zubaer Chaudhari says:

Climbthestacks Honestly wow really love your great video so much fun to watch

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