Maus by Art Spiegelman (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Maus by Art Spiegelman.

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omarsalkamusic says:

I just finished Maus 1. Excellent

Tomasina Covell says:

Why after this much time isn't it been made as an animated movie?

Dennis Young says:

Pass? Pass? Passing for non-disabled

Aktion T4 – the start of the Holocaust…

Matthew Guy says:

I read MAUS for the first time this week. It was very emotional & had to take breaks to soak in the importance & atmosphere of the material. I enjoyed MAUS & appreciated the symbolism as a tool for this book.

Billie Bitch says:

i read this book at 12, and although of course i was farmilliar with world war two, and had already studied it/read some books on it, (plus, i’m polish so my parents taught me about it) i don’t think i really understood the beauty of this book at first, but i just re read it, and now i can really appreciate the excellent storytelling.

Savily Udalov says:

This video saved my life! I couldn't find a topic to discuss for my class and now I know what to do thank you!!

Assaf Bechar says:

Great book, a must read!

Camilla Bjertnaes says:

do a review of persepolis

Funny Vines says:

do you know any poems that are in the book
please i need it for a homework

ryu ray says:

Can't wait for my book to be delivered, I read the boy in the stripped pyjamas a month ago and this popped up in the suggestion box i had no idea it was a graphic novel or even aware of the particular genre. Thank-you for a detailed review this will also hopefully help with my curriculum involving world history 🙂

divulgalo says:

a mí me gusto el desenlace de las dos historias uno feliz : ) y el otro triste : (.
yo lo leí hace mucho tiempo.
otro que leí fue Y: the last man. No la serie de TV (que es mala)

Phillip S says:

I read the books way back around 1995. Time to pass this gem down to my nephew who is now the age I was when I first read it.

Sir ravix of fourhorn says:

Just started reading it myself. It's so sad. Yet so beautiful. I highly recommend it. It really puts life in perspective.

Orlando Garner says:

Have you considered reading Sandman by Neil Gaiman?

mels690 says:

I have seen a lot of booktube reviews of this collection, but I have to say that yours is definitely the most helpful. All the other reviews I have seen seem very cursory and somewhat superficial by comparison, and left me on the fence about whether or not I wanted to pick this up.  But you've convinced me!  Your review is very thought provoking, and I really appreciate your approach to reviewing books. 

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