Magician (Book Review) – by Raymond E. Feist

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My review of Magician by Raymond E. Feist. A fantasy novel.

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reachthroughreality says:

Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master are the author's preferred edition, they added quite a lot back into the book that the original edited out for length. I thought the characters were fairly well developed, but I may have just developed them in my own mind, and I'm quite biased, I started the series when I was 9 and have read all of the books many times. I think Guy du BasTyra is one of the best antagonists ever, and I still want to be Martin Longbow when I grow up. And then there's Kulgan and Tully.

Mechanics 0f Thought says:

Good review. I feel the character development was particularly lacking for the female characters. It was ok, I don't think I'll be continuing with the series though.

Neil says:

who is this clown

TheChillimouse says:

yea characters the strenght of his works are that the characters are developed through the story so the characters get more and more complex as they have their adventures so the story is really more than just magician.

wildfire160 says:

One of my favourite books…

Lawrence Eric L. Taer says:

I miss that old intro, lol

Randall Dickey says:

Krondor: the Betrayal, Assassins, Tears of the Gods is series that I really enjoyed from him. But unfortunately the only three books I ever finished reading that he has written.

Brad Millar says:

Have you read the whole saga…Magician is just the set up

Long Wang says:

By Magician's End, the world Feist has created actually rival's that of Tolkien's Legendarium and I encourage reading it for that alone.

Long Wang says:

The story, themes, world(s) and characters all develop and grow over the course of the entire series from Magician to Magician's End it is well and truly worth reading if you want to watch the evolution of fantasy in action

Brenden Waite says:

Also, David Gemmel is a severely underrated fantasy writer in my opinion. Waylander, Jon Shannow and Druss is the Legend are right up there with Mat Cauthon and Jimmy the Hand.

Brenden Waite says:

Nakor the Blue Rider, Jimmy the Hand, Martin Longbow, Captain Amos Trask are some of my favorite characters in fantasy books. I lost interest in Feist books in the Conclave of Shadows series.

Greg Banks says:

I'll look forward to your review of A Darkness at Sethanon to round out the Riftwar series for greater context. My impression after reading it in the late 80s was it was a bit slow to begin with, then took off with JUST ENOUGH character building as he introduced so many and made it easier to digest, at least for me. This also allowed for increased cognitive room, again, at least for me, to accept the world building concurrently happening.
There were times that I experienced emotions of fear and sadness (both in a particular underground setting) that I had not experienced in a novel before.
I have read many fantasy novels and this Riftwar series was the standard that I weighed them against. Even now as I try to get through the first Kingmaker book, I continue to compare, but agree that its little comparison and am finding the difference between older and newer fantasy writing styles. Thanks for your great channel!

Carter Cordingley says:

Read this book 17 years ago and have recently been reading the rest of the full cycle of Raymond E Feist. This was his first book. You need to read the rest of the saga. I have read The Riftwar Saga
,The Empire Trilogy, and Krondor's Sons and just started the The Serpentwar Saga.

Riaan van der Made says:

From a nameless servant to Magician's apprentice, from slave to Magician. From a kitchen boy to a Master of the Universe, yeah no, character development. Don't agree with you on this one Daniel. Do yourself a favor though read the rest of the series and if you ain't hooked by Darkness at Sethanon. You'll never will be…

Christian Flor says:

If you wan't to see an author develop, keep reading. Noticing what classes (or what ever) he's taken between books is almost like a metaplot.

Skabanis Malaka says:

Weird thing is I read these books and as I read them I felt as if I had read them before…it was a weird…

buggydes says:

Totally understand your points but i implore you to keep reading, at least till A Darkness At Sethanon. Feist is still finding his feet here and it will get better and better.

Todd Jackson says:

I realize this review was done a year ago and you're probably never going to read this, but, for those just seeing this review like I did here is my takeaway.

I started this series as a set given to me by a neighbor who knew I loved to read when I was in high school. They only gave me Magician: Master through Darkness at Sethanon. I didn't even know there was a starter book called Magician: Apprentice. By the time I had read the 3 I had I was eager to read the first one. When I finally tracked a copy down and read it I was like….well I'm glad I didn't read that one first!

It's not "bad" really just not super character driven. I think having it split into 2 books really did it a disservice. The first "book" is all of the building and set up. While the second part is where we really start to see the characters.

I was able to read the 2nd part and kind of pic up on what happened in the 1st because of how well it was written. If I had read the 1st part 1st I might not have continued.

I LOVE his work however. He gets better the more he writes

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