Lit by Mary Karr (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Lit by Mary Karr, a memoir.

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ecaepevolhturt says:

What a hack. She does not have the imagination to write fiction so she wrote a few misery memoirs and now a book on how to write a misery memoirs. Americans talking and writing about themselves. Self obsession. The very thing DFW tried to fight against. If she was ugly I wonder if people/Americans would still be so interested in her. I'd rather read Sylvia Plath. Also what's up with the smooth face yet wrinkled neck?

Lurithen Fraser says:

Most writers are spiritual leading to some sort of religion or belief of a higher self more so than power because a significant amount of writers start out with a self doubt of having anything to say worthy to construct a story. From your review I will read Karr's memoirs and I am thankful and appreciate your book reviews.

Stephanie D says:

I still have to read The Liars Club. I have it and was supposed to read it for college but I didn't. I'm hoping later this year to finally get around to it.

InternetFad says:

This is on my wishlist now. I can't wait to read it!

Justin McElveen says:

Wow, I've got to get this book. The program you mention she talks about has really helped save my life and has introduced such amazing friends and joy into it as well. Looking forward to reading this one. Thank you for posting about it.

Jamie Swint says:

I rented this last night, thanks to you! Also rented East Of Eden. Love the channel! 📚📖

stratchic says:

Interesting.  I don't know who Mary Karr is, but I want to read this.

Sandra Hajda says:

Sounds really good, and great review. I have seen Lit in book stores, might pick it up 🙂

Cecilia Manfredi says:

Her next book is going to be called The Art of Memoir, so you could really be onto something when you say her memoirs have come full circle. Thank you for another insightful review!

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