Just Kids by Patti Smith (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Just Kids by Patti Smith.

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AbdelAzeez Sobh says:

Just Kids is a memory of Patti Smith, published on January 19, 2010, which documents her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe.

Just Kids Book By Patti Smith (PDF-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download): https://www.toevolution.com/file/view/596881/just-kids-book-by-patti-smith-pdf-summary-review-online-reading-download

Francisco Ariza says:

Hola, thank you so much for your review!!! I’m currently reading to Roberto Bolaño, and looking in the web information and interviews about him, i found Patti has such a deep respect about his work. Later i discovered she has written some books, then your review, and now i guess i am going to read Just Kids. Gracias!!!

Parker Rose says:

I'm reading this now!!

Jordan Barclay says:

Hey Ashley, this video made me read just kids which WAS one of my favorite memoirs, until I delved deeper into her music and found her single “Rock n Roll N*****”

Let me know if you agree to this: Until Patti Smith makes a public apology regarding “rock and roll ni****” no one should endorse her art or legacy.

William Kraemer says:

A great review of this book about these two star-crossed lovers.

LuaBloe says:

I was thinking we'd need a "Just Kids" audiobook, read by Patti. 🙂 I read this book like, every summer, it gives me such a great state of mind and connection to the world… I love her describing Robert's artwork, the collages and objects, the Virgin tie rack 🙂 I love Patti's voice both in her writing and her singing and speaking: it's just always that same wise, poised voice, she writes the way she speaks, with this honest, simple "childlike" quality, sincerity, and very intricate at the same time. Every time I go through a rough patch, I listen to some interviews of her, she puts me back in such a good place. ❤

Joshua Logan says:

For a brief moment I felt as if I might die: and just as quickly I knew everything would be all right.

Joseph Gurzynski says:

I loved the book too!!! I thought i read somewhere that they were making a movie with the same title. Maybe they shouldnt. Unless they gave Patti full control!!! Didnt she comment
about her "East of Eden " gown in the book? Cheers…

artistNexile says:

I'm reading Just Kids now and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the numerous references to people of the past. I am one of those people that feel the need to google every person or unknown reference that is unfamiliar to me. Did you experience the same thing when you read this memoir?

pesto pasta says:

This is one of my favorite books ❤❤❤

bill danelli says:

I just finished reading it & it's one of those books you never want to end. As a poet, I have a new appreciation for Patti Smith. I just knew her as the Godmother of Punk. Your review is excellent. It's the oddest & sweetest love story I've ever read. Some of the passages are pure poetry. I loved it.

Liam McGowan says:

I have been back and forth whether or not to get into this book. You have just made my decision. Can't wait to start!

tephcia says:

I can't wait to read this book ^.^ I've been traveling away from home and made my sister borrow it for me when she was at the library while I was adventuring on my inspiration spree it hope it's as good as you say

Liyi Livy Lim says:

I really want to read this book NOW!

Troy Reinagle says:

I don't know how anyone wouldn't like that book! I read it a few years back and thought it was beautiful.

Alraundelberin* says:

I am reading this now because of this video!

Ray Quesada says:

Loved the book review, you've just convinced me to go try n get a copy.  I just heard about Just Kids recently, and then now I'm hearing about it again flipping through videos on youtube!  Guess thats a sign or something.  thanks again!

Neill Bursell says:

This book broke my heart in the best possible way.

Nguyen Quyen says:

Please do a Bookshelf tour, I see that you have some amazing books behind you 🙂

GreyPersona says:

I read this book about three years ago, I even remember when I was sitting outside on a bench reading it… It was amazing, one of those books I still remember and love so much.

Kansas H says:

By the way, as a fellow lover of the book, you described it very well. Great review!

Kansas H says:

I felt a little weird for loving it so much..but I'd like to call myself an artist and this book boosted my confidence a little. I listened to "horses" for the first time after I was about half way through the book…omg it's incredible. He combination of that album and also reading the book is such an inspiring experience. I actually kind of started to get into reading good books a couple years ago…so I'm trying to find something that will grab me like this one did..but so far it's been tough. I fell in love with it though. It's just nice to relate to another artist. Usually, some of them have these cool facades that make me feel like a fool for trying to call myself an artist. Patti Smith is real.

PninianPnin says:

AAAAAAAAAAAND now I must read Just Kids. I'm becoming increasingly fond of Patti Smith. I think it started when she said that PJ Harvey's music made her happy to be alive. Moreover, 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine' is probably the greatest opening line to any album ever. Damn. I'm buying this book first chance I get.

Suwaidsterr says:

amazing review! i've been planning on getting this book but this review gave me the final push. getting it tomorrow! ahah (: 

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