June Book Reviews and Haul: The Goldfinch + A Little Life + The Heart Goes Last | sunbeamsjess

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I filmed this video about a month ago (sorry for its being so late!), hence why my hair is still a little longer and I don’t have a new tattoo on my arm! Hope you guys enjoy nonetheless – I’m working on the next few books for my next one ❤️

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The Maria says:

I loved a little life. But yes it took me forever because its heavy. But some people do have “difficult” lives. I found it relatable.

babushka 999 says:

just finished a little life… yeah kinda hated it too

Juliet says:

Cannot hear this, at all.

09abckid says:

why do women have to write about women characters?

Lia Godino says:

the excessive trauma was INTENTIONAL in a little life

L E says:

I'd love to subscribe but I can't hear you. Please please turn up your volume. Thanks.

sweetspicypepper says:

I wish I could have a conversation with someone about this book – just finished it. I'm happy to hear a lot of what struck me reading it echoed here. Putting aside the obvious torture porn thing, some things stuck out to me.

Like you said, what the heck is up with the complete lack of female character development? At the very least, you'd hope Julia would get some attention as the sole mother figure in Jude's life. I feel like I'd understand this better if the author were a man, and I totally understand the importance of exploring vulnerability in male relationships, but still – kind of weird.

Also, I hadn't thought of it as romantic, but also took issue with the…. Implausibility of some aspects of the characters. Look, I live in Chicago, which is a significantly less cultured~ city than New York, but the level of like……….. Art and cultural literacy in every single character, regardless of their profession, seems like a fantastical version of what friendship groups of ivy league educated, wealthy people look like. It made me wonder if the author was very young and again, imagining or projecting pure intelligence, culture, genuine passion and unbridled talent into an image of these friends she wishes she had, or how she hopes her adult social circle will look. Not explaining it eloquently, but yeah, the improbable success of all 4 of them, how they constantly have overlapping artist residencies and business trips across the world – I don't know. Is that actually how the wealthy intelligentsia in New York live? Wish someone could genuinely fill me in.

Other issues – like you said, the sad lack of development of the rest of the characters. Why do the work starting to explore Malcolm's identity and guilt as a mixed man with money and then let him fade into the background. Same with JBs addiction and sort of marginalization in the group. And to add to the point above, if they are living this cloistered life of ivy league privilege, why not do a better job exploring that.

I don't know, I just finished it and enjoyed a lot of the writing. Still digesting but happy to hear someone else's thoughts. I think people are so put off by the torture porn part that they miss some of the other things happening in there.

Newmoon919 says:

A Little Life, my most cherished book so far, and it’s my third time rereading it. I relate to the main character, and cried so much during it. The writing style was so easy and natural to read, it was a funny, sad, moving, eccentric, exhilarating, and horrifying book. Most of all it’s a love story. But also it’s not just a “romantic” love story, it also shows a love between friends, so strong and unbreakable, as well as family ties.

Laura Ranarivony says:

I totally agree with you about The Goldfinch. Also I don’t understand why everybody loves Boris, he was really abusive !

Sarah Allen says:

I read The Goldfinch when I was only about 14 which was most likely a bit young for me to truly appreciate it but I really loved and shelved it as my #1 favorite book ever, thus far, but I think I’ll need to reread it because who knows how much my reading has gotten more and more sophisticated.

GianCork says:

I recently read A Little Life and I would like to disagree with one of the point you make: I did not cry because of the sheer horror of it, but for the sheer love that everybody puts into trying to help Jude; for the flickering lights of hope, so dim and hidden in the mud, that ever present, evenm when you understand the hopelessness of Jude's situation; I cried because we all want to be hold and loved, to different extent, the same way Jude and Willem love each other or Harold, or JB or Malcom. It is not the horror that makes you cry but the love that still shines despite the horror.

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