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Grab a drink and some snacks because we’ve got 20+ minutes of book hauling to do!

A huge thank you to all of the amazing subscription services and publishers who sent me these lovely books and goodies!

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3. The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! Nerdy Post is amazing and ships internationally, so anyone can enter!

I also forgot to mention that I have a coupon code for you all if you’d like to get a Nerdy Post subscription for yourself! Use the code “CLOCKWORK10” to get 10% off your first months box!

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Thank you so much for watching ❤



A Clockwork Reader says:

I also forgot to mention that I have a coupon code for you all if you'd like to get a Nerdy Post subscription for yourself! You can use the code "CLOCKWORK10" at checkout to get 10% off your first months box! <333

Khyati Sharma says:

Then you mussttttt read 13 reasons why!!!!!

Sarah Grace says:

You should totally try ThriftBooks! There is free shipping after spending $10, and all the books have great prices!

Fatima Alajimi says:

Can you do a middle grade Book recommendations

Princess-of-the-Pen says:

I am honestly so jealous!! All those box items look amazing and The Outsiders came with soda and photos!!!! It honestly pains me knowing you're going to unhaul The Outsiders without reading but before the vid I did not know of the 50th anniversary addition and now I'm absolutely determined to go find and buy that cover

Kashe Jester says:

How did you start working with them?

Urban Pineapple says:

What does YA contemporary mean?

softa bammie says:

Omg I just found you and i‘m binge watching your videos! You give me this calm and relaxing feeling and I love it 😊 I can agree with most of your opinions and you’re one of my favourite booktube YouTubers. You’re a wonderful and inspiring person. Much love from Germany to you💗

Ginny Potter Granger Lovegood says:

This was posted on my birthday!! Love u Hannah!

Courtney says:

I love The Outsiders. The movie is one of my favorite films of all time.

trashley says:

I love that Sarah J. Mass stole the "Rattle the Stars" thing from Treasure Planet. Tight 😂

Kat’s Here says:

I saw the hate you give yesterday at the book store… damn I’m sad I didn’t pick that up lol

Laykin Renee says:

what exactly is an arch?

gachaxme says:

I read the outsiders for school and it was probably the best book I ever read for school! xD

Danielle V says:

The outsiders is incredible def read when you can. Its amazing.

A Kirin Tale says:


Kelsie Derrick says:

I'm super new to BookTube and I found your channel and I am LIVING! youre so great!

Manali says:

Book outlet don't really ship to india…. But they really have a nice book collection.

Red Maple says:

Yay I love book outlet

des williams says:

thank u so much for recommending book outlet, i just bought ten books and spent like $41, whereas yesterday i bought eleven books at books-a-million and spent $186. that website is a blessing

Renée _ says:

I love to see that you included "B" by Sarah Kay. I own the bundle "no matter the wreckage" by her and this is my favorite poem in it.

Grace Sparrow says:

I’m surprised that she doesn’t seem familiar with Sylvia Plath ? While probably not as popular as her poetry, The Bell Jar is a great read. 10/10 recommend.

Brooke McCarthy says:

You will hate how the outsiders will end!

Maria Vega says:

I’m addicted to books again because of you.😀😀😀😀😀

samantha osborne says:

the outsiders is a movie too

Caelum 92 says:

Out of curiosity which box subscription would you recommend getting? I’m thinking about owl crate but I’m not sure yet.

Lots. E says:

Hey dyk if you can get that cover of carry on in the uk-I don't like the edition I have as much x

Audrey McCann says:

Can you do a review on windfall?

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