How To Start Reading Stephen King

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My recommendations on how to start reading Stephen King Books!
The Shinning:
Dark Tower:
The Stand:
Pet Sematary:

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Tully V says:

I agree with The Stand! But I will never never, EVER read Pet Semetary. I just can't.
My top 4 King fiction in order: 1. The Stand, 2. Duma Key, 3. Misery, 4. Bag of Bones. I've read each of them multiple times.

Zachary G. Breland says:

I finished The Stand yesterday. My first King novel. Wow. That’s it. I’m a King fan. It’s official. Next on my list are Salem’s Lot, The Shining, and IT. After that… we’ll see.

Daniel Yarsky says:

it "stands" on its own. Good pun

KabukiKid says:

Amusing that you say that Pet Semetary isn't especially scary… It is maybe the only book I put down for a bit because I was getting so freaked and creeped out.

Ovadim Fafner says:

Daniel: I’m loyal

Me: Lies! You’r no Ogier!

Tim Webendorfer says:

Just a guess…Pick a book and start reading?

Stephen Royes says:

As a fantasy and Stephen King fan, you should read "Eyes of the Dragon".

andrew mcquinn says:

First off… you're kinda cute…. lol…

I love Misery! I think it's one of his best books. I have yet to read Pet Cemetary. Another good Stephen King book is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

Rai Reads says:

I seem to always have a hit & miss relationship with King. I've read and loved The Shining & Carrie but tried The Dead Zone and Mr Mercedes and DNF'd pretty early on. What's a good follow in the vein of Carrie/The Shining, folks?

Matthew Smith says:

The Green Mile is the best 'story' I've ever read.

Freya Martinez-Hurtado says:

Love love love Stephen king. Absolutely HATE the dark tower LOL. The 1st novel is absolute trash and even he himself says that 😂

Blank Blank says:

I love connected Universes, in fact I am making one myself, an entire universe with millenia of history, so that I can make stories taking place during countless different events in countless different places and eras. Kinda like Warhammer, excelt more consistant due to having things already planned out.

Kevin Hanes says:

Love King but IT was horrible and was one of the hardest books I had to force myself through

Joseph Westhill says:

Absolutely agree with your enthusiasm for 11/22/63. Criminally underrated King book. Maybe because it's not horror? (Even though a lot of his stuff isn't strictly speaking horror)

Ahmed Khan says:

Ive watched it the movie. Will reading the novel still be as good as for someone who hasnt watched the movie?

Lil Ms Nat says:

I am a die-hard King fan and this was an amazing video.!
Yes yes yes… Pet Sematary!

Michael Pun says:

You’re using the word fantasy too loosely. Stand and IT are not that fantasy.

Cherie Stelzer says:

I started with The Stand. I know big book. Slow start. I started it 4 times. Finally on the 4th try I couldn’t put it down and then I was a SK fan.

Chris Winters says:

Same way he writes em, one word at a time. Video over.

Michael DeMarois says:

So I know he co wrote it but the Talisman was amazing and the first book he wrote that i read, 92 books later id say the Talisman is a good starting point

Joseph Schultz says:

I can attest the It's sheer thickness and crazy page-count. Once, while stranded between timelines at an airport, I had to defend myself from a crazy man and all I had on my person at the time was a pillowcase and a copy of It.

Thumped him over the head with it like a medieval flail.

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