HILDA Official Trailer (HD) Netflix Graphic Novel Adaptation

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Hilda takes on adventure, magical creatures, mystery, and new friends. Based off Luke Pearson’s acclaimed graphic novel, all episodes launch Sept 21, only on Netflix.

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fightingblindly says:

Excellent show. It teaches people to be adventurous yet considerate. The fantasy world is great populated with interesting characters and creatures for her to meet. Can’t wait until the next season!

눇솑붍늮쀩띊껣똞 says:

pls give me season 2 i'm already watch this animation

Admiral Pride says:

Nesse- what happened
Wood man-this was once a cozy little house
Wood man- the girl who lived here befriended a giant
Nesse-I guess she learned her lesson
Wood man-not likely odds are she’d do it again

Julie Rose says:

Just finished watching the series on Neflix and I love it to bits. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on the graphic novels.

Kagat says:

I love the graphic novel when I was ten I asked God to make this a show and bam here it fukkin is

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